april 07, 2021 - Pianca

Pianca | Fushimi Lounge designed by Philippe Tabet

Philippe Tabet is expanding the Fushimi series again

Since 2017, the Fushimi family has kept on growing. Designed for #pianca by #philippetabet, it consists of four pieces: a bed, a bench seat, a console table and occasional tables, which are now joined by the Fushimi Lounge armchair. 

The soft, inviting leather seat welcomes your body into it with balance and gentleness, concepts that #philippetabet values immensely, and which have guided his #design study. There is a subtlety in the combination of materials, which evokes the sensation of a synergistic embrace. 

The sections and joints have been meticulously designed to respect and enhance the original characteristics of the leather and solid wood. There is a smoothness of form and the entire structure has rounded volumes, free of jutting corners, inspired by Japanese style.

The legs extend upwards to meet the armrests and backrest. Flowing lines and graceful elegance form the key concept of the entire #design, which espouses beauty and comfort. Solid build and minimal #design coexist brilliantly, highlighting the details and sophisticated craftsmanship, expression of quality and savoir-faire.

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