april 07, 2021 - blindarte

BLINDHOUSE invents BLINDatHOME, the Covid-proof remote safekeeping service!

BLINDHOUSE, historical leader company in the safekeeping of valuables for over 40 years, to cope with the difficulties that the pandemic has introduced in our daily lives, offers a new remote safekeeping #service to secure any valuable object without the need to move from home.

BLINDHOUSE, historical leader company in the custody of valuables for over 40 years, always close to the needs of its customers, increases its offer with an innovative #service designed to face the particular moment of health emergency we are experiencing, and to respond to the needs of the 'digital era: remote safekeeping.

This innovative #service intends to address the difficulties that the pandemic has introduced into our daily lives, including the impossibility of moving around without taking risks. With the new BLINDHOUSE remote safekeeping #service "BLINDatHOME", through a simpleprocedure, you can carry out the operations necessary to secure any valuable object usually stored in your home, without having to move.

By sending by e-mail the description or, better still, the photo of the goods - works of art, jewels, precious objects, carpets, furs, documents - together with their measurements, it is possible to have personalized and professional assistance for their safekeeping, accompanied by an estimate including packaging, insurance and shipping costs via specialized couriers, from your home to the BLINDHOUSE headquarters in Naples.

Once the custody contract has been stipulated, the customer will be able to independently or with the support of the staff, package, seal and ship to the BLINDHOUSE headquarters in NAPLES where, after checking the integrity of the package and the seal, the object of value it will be kept in the vaults.

It is possible to withdraw the package at any time with prior notice. Remote safekeeping - aimed at those who, both nationally and abroad, have valuables that they would prefer to keep in a well-protected, air-conditioned and insured place, rather than at their own home - can also be accompanied by a series of others services such as, for example, a structured system of expertise and condition reports for asset valuations, and assistance with the sale. All this thanks to BLINDARTE, the historic international auction house, based in Naples and Milan, thanks to which BLINDHOUSE has been present for more than twenty years on the art market.

BLINDHOUSE, leader in the sector of the safekeeping, management and enhancement of assets, artworks and collections founded in Naples in 1979, has advanced system vaults from the point of view of safety and among the first of its kind in Italy for the conservation of values. Having conquered leadership in security custody activities, BLINDHOUSE entered the ancient and modern art market in 1999, founding BLINDARTE, an auction house and gallery in Naples. In 2005 was inaugurated the Department of Modern and #contemporaryart, which in a short time achieved record awards also at an international level. In 2016 BLINDARTE opens a prestigious office in Milan, in the heart of Brera, which becomes the main office of the House's Department of Modern and #contemporaryart and an important evet location widley used for fashion and design week.


The collection of artworks and object is in progress for the upcoming auction on 25 and 27 May 2021.

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