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march 23, 2021 - Volvo Trucks

Renault Trucks to offer an electric range for each market segment from 2023

Volvo Group’s subsidiary #renaulttrucks is pursuing its investment in electric mobility. From 2023, an all-electric #renaulttrucks offer will be available for each segment, namely distribution, construction and long distance. To support these developments and be able to offer a complete and competitive #renaulttrucks range on the market, the company is setting up an organisation dedicated to electric mobility. #renaulttrucks is thereby confirming its commitment to fossil-free transport.

To help meet the Paris Agreement's goal of limiting global warming to under 1.5 degrees Celsius compared with pre-industrial levels, Renault Trucks is committed to transforming the #truck market by gradually electrify its fleet to become carbon-neutral within 30 years. As trucks have a lifespan of at least ten years, all trucks manufactured by 2040 must run without fossil fuels. Battery-electric and fuel cell electric power will be crucial to achieve this major transformation towards carbon-free transport.

A Z.E. tractor and construction version from 2023

In March 2020, #renaulttrucks began series production of its second generation of electric vehicles at the Blainville-sur-Orne plant.

Renault Trucks now boasts a comprehensive all-electric range on the market, from 3.1 to 26 tonnes. Comprising the #renaulttrucks D Z.E., D Wide Z.E. and the #renaulttrucks Master Z.E., it meets the requirements of urban transport, delivery, distribution and waste collection.

But #renaulttrucks is seeking to extend vehicle electrification to all uses. Preparations are underway to market a Z.E. tractor to meet the needs of regional and inter-regional transport from 2023. An all-electric offer designed for urban construction will also be available to order by this date.

During the second half of the decade, #renaulttrucks will be able to offer a range of electric trucks powered by hydrogen fuel cells, mainly for demanding and heavy long-haul operations.

An R&D organisation dedicated to electric mobility to support its ambitious goals

"Electric mobility is the pillar of our strategy and we aim to lead the field," announced Bruno Blin, President of #renaulttrucks. "We're aiming for 35% of our sales to be electric in 2030. By 2040, all our vehicle ranges will be 100% fossil-free."

In order to achieve these goals, #renaulttrucks is backed by dedicated units, both in Research and Development and in the sales and after-sales organisation.

On the R&D side, #renaulttrucks intends to meet the main technological challenges of this revolution through strategic partnerships, as well as relying on synergies within the Volvo Group, to which it belongs, to increase volumes and reduce costs.

To ensure hauliers get the best solutions in electric mobility, #renaulttrucks will benefit from the work carried out by the Volvo Group's new development unit dedicated to medium-tonnage vehicles, a core segment for the phased introduction of electromobility for trucks. #renaulttrucks will also capitalise on the partnerships developed by Volvo Energy, the Volvo Group's new entity dedicated to the supply, second life and recycling of batteries, as well as to charging solutions. As for the development of battery packs specifically for heavy goods vehicle applications, it will benefit from the strategic alliance formed by the Volvo Group and Samsung SDI.

To facilitate this sustainable transition, #renaulttrucks will also have the support of its new R&D centre in Lyon – the X-Tech Arena - which will be built by the beginning of 2023 through an investment of EUR 33 million.

Supporting the energy transition of customers through an electric range with high added value

As regards the marketing of its Z.E. range and customer support, #renaulttrucks has set up a new entity responsible for electric mobility projects, in order to boost both operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. This team has acquired a high level of expertise and is working to develop partnerships involving all the stakeholders (hauliers, distributors, public authorities, energy suppliers, etc.) to propose smart and competitive electric range with added value for hauliers.

Finally, #renaulttrucks has taken care to include services in the vehicle offer in order to simplify the lives of its customers who are looking for the solution best suited to their activity. In addition to the vehicle, the #renaulttrucks brand offers a comprehensive transport solution, including batteries, solutions for installing charging facilities on its customers' premises, energy optimisation, repair and maintenance, financing and insurance. As a result, #renaulttrucks, which is committed to making life easier for its customers, is seeking to be the manufacturer that promises peace of mind. In this period of major change and uncertainty, this is undoubtedly what hauliers need most.

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