february 18, 2021 - Acala Premium Kombucha

BIOFACH 2021 | ACALA Premium Kombucha – fine, sparkling fermented tea drink.


ACALA Group is one of the first Premium kombucha producer in the world. We are based in Kaunas, #lithuania. By invoking ancient traditions, using the newest technology, knowledge of natural perfumery and 20 years of sommelier experience we create highest quality sparkling fermented tea #drink. We are a fast-growing company with many partners in major Lithuanian cities and are looking for new partners abroad.


Healthy, fine, non-alcoholic Premium class #drink for all moments of your life.


To become the world benchmark of Premium kombucha drinks.

For every taste we use carefully selected ingredients: fresh spring water, carefully selected highest quality teas, 100% natural juice.

We invoke ancient traditions and improve them with modern technology to create a taste, which really stands out.

Highest standard non-alcoholic* alternative for sparkling, white, red and dessert wine.

We create a Premium class sparkling fermented tea #drink, which is full of good bacteria and natural bubbles.  

* May contain up to 1,2% alcohol


We offer our high quality Premium Kombucha drinks, or we can collaborate to create Your desired private label and produce it for You.

Wind shadow

Fully organic. The key ingredient in Wind Shadow is Fireweed. Wind Shadow’s taste can be described as a mix of delicate flowers with elegance close to that of a

Blanc de Blancs champagne.  

Perfect alone as an aperitif or as a refreshing soft #drink and goes not any less well with elegant-flavoured food.

Taste notes

Starts with a floral, blooming garden aroma, finished with a taste of white peach and rhubarb.  

The structure is elegant, subtle yet firm.

“Wind shadow” was awarded as Lithuanian product of the year.

Bottle size: 250 ml, 330 ml, 750 ml, 1500 ml

Amber Garden

Amber Garden gathers complex aromas and flavours from a perfect combination of two teas. Similar in style to white wine from Burgundy, this ACALA draws its qualities from the floral hemp tea Felina and #green tea from the renowned Yunnan region in China.  

Amber Garden stands out with its balanced complexity

— the long-lasting aftertaste is the best match for varied dishes.

Taste notes

Starting with hazelnut and almond, the taste continues onto the gentleness of marigold and elderflower and finishes with earthy notes.  

This taste is rich and extravagant yet refreshing and balanced.

Bottle size: 330 ml, 750 ml

Further information in the press release to download

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