february 16, 2021 - Finnish Cheese Company

Environmental values increase demand for plant-based cheeses

Ilo Cashew organic products are tasty and nutritious

Demand for plant-based products is growing in Europe and elsewhere in the world. The growth trend is driven by concerns about climate change. #food production has a significant impact on climate emissions. You can reduce your carbon footprint by increasing the proportion of plant proteins in your diet.

Consumers have sought to introduce new cheese-type plant-based products which are tasty and as close as possible to the production of similar cheeses.

Finnish Cheese Company has responded to consumers' wishes by launching cashew based #vegan organic products: Ilo Cashew White Mold and Ilo Cashew spreads.

“Our new cashew products are truly delicious and nutritionally valuable - they bring #vegan cheeses to a new level. The new products have received an enthusiastic response from consumers,” says CEO Esa Luomanperä.

Ilo Cashew White Mold is handmade in Jämsä Finland from organic cashews using traditional cheese-making methods: fermentation with cultures and white mold. Ilo Cashew White Mold is a #vegan alternative to camembert -type cheeses. It is organic, milk- free, lactose-free and gluten-free. The taste is delicious.

Ilo Cashew spreads are #vegan spreads that are similar to cream cheese. Two flavors have been launched: Natural and Garlic. They are dairy-free, organic, lactose-free and gluten- free.

Ilo Cashew White Mold has been a great success in its entry market in Finland. In addition, it has gained recognition internationally. It won the People’s Choice award in the 2019 European Organic #food Innovation Awards. At Anuga Fair 2019, llo Cashew White Mold was chosen among the 12 most innovative products of Anuga Dairy.

Cashew nut has high nutritional value: it is a good source of plant protein and also contains polyunsaturated vegetable fats and healthy trace elements. Therefore, it is an excellent raw material for #vegan products.

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