february 12, 2021 - Prodima Mixers Sa

When quality depends on mixing

Free mixing tests for bulk solids 

The mixing of products is part of the daily production process in many manufacturing companies. It is very difficult to find an optimal system for all tasks, as universal mixers unfortunately only exist on paper. 

In order to give interested companies the opportunity to carry out trial mixes with their products at their production site under real conditions, we offer our customers to visit them within the scope of demonstration trips and to make one of our machines available for trials free of charge. The trials are accompanied by one of our specialists in order to provide the customer with optimum technical support during the trials. 

The mixer models MP-50 (35 litres) and MP-150 (130 litres) are normally available for the trials. For special requests, the MP-500 model (440L litres) can also be used. All mixers are equipped with numerous options to test as many different products as possible. 

Such on-site trials are of particular interest when it comes to increasing production, developing new mixes, replacing an existing mixing system or simply to get an overview of the almost unlimited possibilities in mixing and homogenising dry products with the PRODIMA mixing system. 

Mixing tests can be carried out with powders, granulates, grains, flakes and sheets. The spraying of liquids (flavourings, oils, etc.) is also possible. 

At the end of the mixing process, the system always has to be cleaned. The customer can try his hand at cleaning the machine himself and also find out which type of cleaning is most compatible with his production. 

Free demonstration trips are part of our marketing strategy. The purpose is to let the customer try out our mixing technology for himself, so that he can convince himself of the high mixing quality and easy handling. If more extensive testing is desired, #prodimamixers can also be made available on a weekly basis.

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