january 19, 2021 - Sensel

Sensel Supplies Force Touch Technology For Lenovo's ThinkPad X1 Titanium Yoga

Sensel collaborated with #lenovo to co-design the touchpad for the thinnest #thinkpad ever

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Jan. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Sensel, the company building the world's most advanced solutions for touch, force, and haptics, today announced that it collaborated with Lenovo, the Fortune Global 500 company innovating to lead in the PC+ Era, to co-design the touchpad for the #thinkpadx1titaniumyoga. Available starting in January 2021, it will be the first commercially available product to license Sensel's technology.

Sensel's patented touch technology offers two functions in a single, ultra-thin sensor: position reporting with high accuracy (x&y), and force sensing (z). This allows for a dramatic reduction in device thickness, making it a perfect fit for the thinnest #thinkpad ever. #sensel technology also detects force uniformly across the entire touchpad area, so there's not a millimeter of wasted space. Plus, because it detects force, the #thinkpadx1titaniumyoga touchpad can even be used while wearing gloves.

"In order to build our thinnest #thinkpad ever, we have to overcome many engineering challenges. Thankfully, #sensel stepped up with their unique touch technology to produce a touchpad in keeping with our #thinkpad heritage," said Luis Hernandez, vice president, PC & Smart Solutions Development, Lenovo. "We are delighted to have worked with #sensel to co-develop the innovative touchpad solution that enhances the user experience."

"Working with #lenovo has been a great experience from the beginning," said Sensel CEO and Co-founder Ilya Rosenberg. "The #thinkpadx1titaniumyoga is an incredible device that will allow customers to work and create like never before. It's an honor to know that #sensel technology will contribute to that experience. We want to thank the #lenovo team for its creativity and collaborative spirit."

The #thinkpadx1titaniumyoga will be available to order in late January 2021, with prices starting at $1,899. Visit the Lenovo StoryHub CES press kit for images and full specs, and Lenovo's CES homepage and Lenovo ThinkPad for more details.

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