november 20, 2020 - Peugeot

PEUGEOT at the Guangzhou 2020 Motor Show: world premiere for the new 4008 and 5008 SUVs, launch of the 508 L PHEV sedan

On 20 November 2020, the new #Peugeot #4008 and #5008 will be unveiled to the public for the first time in China, on the DONGFENG #Peugeot booth at the Guangzhou trade fair. These new models will be launched in the first months of 2021. The new #Peugeot #508lphev, a modern and dynamic Plug-In Hybrid sedan, is officially launching at a price of 215 700 yuans.

The #Peugeot #4008 and #5008 embody the inspired and modern #design of the European models. In China, #Peugeot now has a completely renewed #SUV offer. This range is made even more appealing with the launch of the #Peugeot #508lphev Plug-In hybrid sedan. This is the third electrified model to be launched in one year, following the #Peugeot e-2008 100% electric and the #Peugeot #4008 PHEV 4WD, a high-performance Plug-In hybrid with all-wheel drive.
DONGFENG #Peugeot is determined to accelerate its development on the Chinese market, with its technological range highlighting bold #design features. The brand is sending a strong signal to Lion enthusiasts in China with the launch of these three new products at the #guangzhoumotorshow, combined with PEUGEOT's 210 years of history.

New #Peugeot #4008 and #5008: bold #design, refreshed #SUV range

The new #Peugeot #4008 and #5008 adopt the #design codes of their European cousins. Their radiator grille uses a technical pattern, which starts around the central lion and merges with the flanks, for a spectacular visual effect.  Vertical LED lights showcase the modernity of the front end. The 3D claw tail lights and scrolling indicators highlight the technology. The overall silhouette combines elegance, dynamism and feline grace.
The #Peugeot i-Cockpit® evolves to be even more modern and to remain the benchmark in the C-SUV segment in China.  The new central touchscreen is 10 inches in size and high definition. It comes with the “toggle switches”. Combined with the 12.3-inch digital heads-up panel, the driving experience is amplified. The interior features new decos and the “Habana” (brown) leather upholstery is now available on #4008.
The new #Peugeot #4008 and #5008 are the flagship models of the DONGFENG #Peugeot #SUV range. After the launch of the #Peugeot 2008 and e-2008 last May, the completely renewed #SUV range is moving upmarket and asserting its identity with robust #design features.
These new models embody the innovative spirit of #Peugeot, which is celebrating its 210 years of existence in 2020. The DNA of the world's oldest #automotive brand is based on its engineers and designers who have been shaking up the standards to rethink mobility, technology and #design.

New #Peugeot #508lphev, new electric range

The #Peugeot #508lphev Plug-In hybrid sedan will be an eye-catching feature for visitors to the Guangzhou show. It targets "modern hedonists" urban users who are looking for quality products, new technologies and quality of life.
The exterior #design of the #Peugeot #508lphev is inspired by the EXALT and INSTINCT concept cars, visible through its dynamic and sharp silhouette and the #design of its grille. The signature on the nosepiece of the bonnet pays tribute to the 504. The #Peugeot i-Cockpit ® (digital handset, compact steering wheel and touch-screen with piano keys) gives the interior a futuristic, high-quality look.
The #Peugeot 508L PHEV is equipped with the 360 THP (turbocharged direct injection) combustion engine combined with the Aisin electric motor. They are coupled to an 8-speed Aisin automatic gearbox. Their combined power reaches 183 kW and maximum torque 360 Nm. There are three available driving modes: 100% electric, Hybrid and Sport. Driving pleasure is further enhanced by the chassis and by the ADAS 2.0 semi-autonomous driving aids. Safety is optimal with a battery protection device in the event of a collision, tested in 12 extreme conditions.
Official prices for the new generation sedan #Peugeot #508lphev:
- 360 THP Plug-In Hybrid Technological Edition: 215 700 yuans (27 700 Euros)
- 360 THP Plug-In Hybrid Driving Control Edition: 227 700 yuans (29 200 Euros).

DONGFENG #Peugeot is hereby ramping up its “Move to Electric” strategy. By 2023, all #Peugeot models will have an electric version in addition to an internal combustion version. By 2025, the range will be fully electrified.
"The 100% electric or Plug-In hybrid technologies now available in the #Peugeot range cover the main segments of the Chinese market: urban SUVs, compact SUVs as well as mid-range and top-of-the-range sedans with the #Peugeot #508lphev sedan.” According to David GUERIN, General Manager of DONGFENG #Peugeot.

DONGFENG #Peugeot: 3 new products and ambitions for the future

The DONGFENG MOTOR and PSA groups have recently extended their cooperation through their Joint Venture until 2037. DONGFENG #Peugeot remains faithful to its guiding principles: to #design models with a #Peugeot identity, with specific Chinese stylistic features. The "Yuan +" plan and the "5 guarantees" support this range by providing customers with trust and reinsurance.
In the years to come, DONGFENG #Peugeot will follow the "1+N" product strategy, which will guarantee the launch of at least one new model per year, as well as exclusive models, which will meet the expectations of Chinese customers. The PSA Group's next platforms and models will be systematically introduced on the Chinese market.
"The new #4008, #5008 and #508lphev models, launched at the Guangzhou show, will become DONGFENG PEUGEOT's new standard-bearers. These new products are associated with the #Peugeot 508 L saloon 508 L 2021 version and will accelerate its growth", underlines Chen Bin, Vice President of Dongfeng Motor Corporation, General Manager of DPCA and Secretary of the Party Committee.

DONGFENG #Peugeot will be showcasing its entire range on its booth located in Hall 3.1 of the #guangzhoumotorshow, from 20 to 29 November. The new #SUV #Peugeot #4008 and #5008 with their inspired #design as well as the electric range (PEUGEOT e-2008, #4008 PHEV 4WD and 508 L PHEV) will be taking pride of place. From 21 November, visitors will be able to rediscover the #Peugeot 508 L “2021” sedan, the 2008 #SUV #Peugeot as well as the #Peugeot 408 sedan. The Lion brand ambassador in XL size will be the main feature to identify PEUGEOT’s stand.