october 20, 2020 - Hankook

Hankook winter tyres impress in independent tests

Tyre maker #hankook offers two excellent products in its winter tyre range - the winter patterns i*cept RS 2 and the new Winter i*cept evo 3, both of which also prove a particularly good choice for the current winter season. These #hankook models have ranked highly in several independent tyre tests conducted by European trade magazines and organisations. Hankook's new flagship product, the Winter i*cept evo 3, received the top rating "Exemplary" twice in the year of its launch from Europe's leading automobile magazine #auto Bild and its affiliate magazine #auto Bild Sportscars, whilst the Winter i*cept RS 2 was awarded the top rating "Good" by Germany's largest automobile club ADAC together with its European #test partners. Furthermore, it was one of only two patterns to receive a purchase recommendation from the UK's leading car magazine #auto Express. In addition, the i*cept RS 2 was awarded another "very recommendable" as well as "best of its kind in price performance" by the renowned German car magazine #auto Zeitung. The tyre maker continues to build on its many successes from previous years with these good #test results in 2020.
Neu-Isenburg, Germany, 16 October 2020
Those who also rely on #hankook tyres for the cold season are making a good choice - this is again confirmed by the results of independent tyre tests (see: table below) conducted by well-known automobile magazines and clubs. The premium tyre maker is heading into this winter season with several excellent products. The Winter i*cept evo 3 and Winter i*cept RS 2 tyres each achieved good #test results. The independent testers particularly praised the balanced performance of the #hankook tyres.

"We are proud that our products have once again demonstrated that #hankook is an established premium winter tyre maker which receives impressive results in independent tests" says Sanghoon Lee, President of #hankook Tire Europe. "Regularly achieving good and very good results for our #hankook winter tyres in these performance tests shows that we offer our end users appealing products in various segments which can always be relied on even in increasingly difficult weather conditions."

The Winter i*cept evo 3 which received its first top awards in the year of its launch, has been developed especially for the winter road conditions in Central and Western Europe, and is already available in over 90 dimensions for cars and SUVs. For the first time, the #hankook development engineers decided on a new directional tread design for the company's latest winter flagship. This not only offers excellent grip in snow, but also helps to effectively reduce the risk of aquaplaning. This is confirmed by the #test conducted by "Auto Bild Sportscars" which awarded an "Exemplary" #test result and confirms the Winter i*cept evo 3 not only offers exemplary driving characteristics on wet and snowy slopes, but also assists with top aquaplaning safety and precise handling (Auto Bild Sportscars, 11/2020). #auto Bild, Europe's biggest car magazine, reached a similar conclusion. According to #auto Bild, Hankook's new ultra-high-performance winter tyre impressed in particular with its "sporty performance on wet and dry roads, good suitability for snow" and its "short braking distances in snowy and wet conditions". Here too, the new Winter i*cept evo 3 received the overall rating "Exemplary" (Auto Bild, 38/2020).

The Winter i*cept RS 2, Hankook's successful pattern for compact and medium-sized cars in moderate latitudes such as Central and Western Europe is also rated highly in the prestigious #test conducted by the ADAC and its international cooperation partners. Already winning numerous awards since its market launch, the Winter i*cept RS 2 impressed the testers with its good performance on dry, wet and snow-covered roads, as well as its low fuel consumption and good mileage. (Adac.de, 22 Sep. 2020). The renowned German #automotive magazine #auto Zeitung tested and rated Hankook's winter i*cept RS2 as price performance champion with the grade "very recommendable" in its comprehensive winter tyre #test 2020 (Autozeitung.de, 14 Oct. 2020: #auto Zeitung, 24/2020). The UK's leading car magazine #auto Express also tested the Winter i*cept RS 2. Once again, the tyre proved to be a "great all-rounder" with a clear purchase recommendation, which incidentally was given to only two of the nine tested tyres from well-known brands (Auto Express.co.uk, 25 Sep. 2020).