october 22, 2020 - Casalgrande Padana

Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware: natural as water

From the huge range of porcelain stoneware tiles by #casalgrandepadana, a selection has been made of a number of covering collections in particularly sophisticated material and styles, complemented by mosaics, decorations and trims that have been purposely redeveloped and studied for use in swimming pools.

Relaxing in complete privacy in the pool of your own home is a dream for many, and today it can come true thanks to innovative technical solutions and an increasingly extensive, varied offer of porcelain stoneware coverings and mosaics for indoor and outdoor pools.

Whether the pool is to be built indoors or outdoors, it’s important to adopt a number of specific measures, especially when it comes to choosing coverings, which must be resistant to humidity and able to prevent the formation of mould.

The wide range of products offered by #casalgrandepadana allows you to choose the porcelain stoneware covering best suited to your needs, both for the bottom of the pool, together with different types of mosaics, and for the exterior flooring

Casalgrande Padana pool coverings

Along with the two classic collections dedicated to swimming pools, Elementi and Landscape, both of which feature decorations, mosaics and anti-slip surfaces, Casalgrande Padana has developed a selection of porcelain stoneware products in eye-catching colours and with surfaces boasting top technical performance, designed to withstand continual contact with water and humidity. A series of collections in stoneware for covering the bottom of the pool or tiling the area around it that are stylish, long-lasting and hygienic, with formats ranging from the small 15x15 cm size up to the large 60x120 cm and including mosaics, decorations and trims such as gratings or overflow channels for the outside of the pool.

The result of a cutting-edge production technology able to deliver excellent performance and a wide range of composition solutions, the offer includes stone-effect ceramic tiles from the Amazzonia, Basaltina, Marte, Mineral Chrom, Natural Slate, Pietra Baugè and Pietre di Paragone collections. Drawing inspiration from the rarest, most precious stones, and faithfully reproducing their veins and colours, the surface texture of the ceramic tiles is deliberately slightly rough, characterised by eye-catching three-dimensional effects in a variety of shades of colour, so that no two tiles are alike, just as in nature.

The offer also includes two collections of wood-effect ceramic tiles from the Country Wood and Newood collections, in which the original beauty of the wood and the pleasantly soft touch of the material team with a range of natural colours boasting excellent performance in terms of durability and practical appeal.

The range of coverings for swimming pools is completed with the line of Padana Glass mosaics in glass paste, composed of Atolli-Uni plain-coloured mosaics and Atolli-Mix mosaics in a mix of different colours.

Thanks to the 2x2 cm tesserae and the slim 3 mm thickness, it is possible to tile curved surfaces, edges and corners on both horizontal and vertical surfaces of any size, both in pools and in the areas around them, offering a flexible resource for project designers to recreate the appealing shades of colour of the water and pleasant backgrounds for wall coverings.

All complemented with mosaics, strip tiles, decorations and trims, #casalgrandepadana ceramic tiles for swimming pools are the ideal choice for covering both the bottom and the walls of the pool.

Pool edges: how to tile them with porcelain stoneware

Swimming pools are high-performance, technical constructions that require a painstaking planning approach and construction work, from water recovery systems to safety coverings for the architectural elements.

The two most commonly used pool edge systems for residential use are the skimmer and overflow systems.

Skimmer system

The skimmer edge is the most common, because it is easier to construct and therefore cheaper. It is characterised by the presence of two openings commonly known as “skimmer holes”, which suck in the water and channel it towards the filtering system, maintaining the water level 15/20 cm below the perimeter edge. This system is generally used in small pools, and its main function is to prevent the water present on the pool surface from entering the pool, and to give users something to hold onto.

Overflow system

In overflow pools, the water is at the same level as the perimeter edge, and forms a sort of mirror effect that is pleasing to the eye and is sometimes known as an “infinity view”.

By means of gratings, slots or grooves, in the overflow system, the water flows over the edge into a compensation tank, from which it is conveyed to the filtering system, where it is treated and returned to the pool through the outlet vents, generally positioned on the bottom.

Overflow edges are more complex to construct, because the pool must be built perfectly level so the water overflows evenly on all sides. They can be personalised in numerous ways: depending on the space available and the needs of the customer, the overflow can be created on all four sides or on just one.

Maximum hygiene with Bios Antibacterial by Casalgrande Padana

Thanks to the Bios Antibacterial® technology, Casalgrande Padana porcelain stoneware tiles are able to eliminate the main bacterial strains, combat unpleasant odours and the growth of mould and yeast in any type of environment, both indoor and outdoor; in addition, the benefits are even more impressive in the presence of humidity, a traditionally fertile environment for the development of bacteria. Nature, comfort and well-being, teamed with safety and lasting quality: a solid combination of technology and contemporary style.

 The #casalgrandepadana offer is completed with the technical services of the company’s Swimming Pool division, designed to offer professionals the necessary support in terms of technical assistance and consulting for projects, at all stages of the work.

996 House

The land on which this home is built is located in a typical little town in the Veneto region, and measures 996 m2, hence the name; the idea underlying the project, designed by the architect Maurizio Bassot, was to create a setting closed to the exterior, but as open as possible inside: a floor-to-ceiling window measuring 24m2 that opens from the inside out onto the pool and tall hedges.

The ground floor sits at the same original level as the ground, which has made it possible to isolate the home even further. An internal stairway leads from the utility rooms in the basement to the upper floor, with the large open-space living area that looks onto the outside: water, light and stone are the elements that come together to beautifully frame this perfectly balanced, sophisticated setting.

The exterior flooring features the porcelain stoneware tiles from the Marte Crema Marfil collection, in the large 60x120 cm format, with natural and anti-slip bush hammered surfaces laid in a staggered pattern. The distinctive tone of the finish on the porcelain stoneware is reminiscent of a sea bed, which is why the same material has also been used for tiling the inside of the pool. The optical effect obtained amplifies the external space, reflecting it on the inside and creating an effect that expands the perspective.