september 16, 2020 - Mercedes-Benz

Carlotta and Carlchen are the mascots of the Mercedes-Benz Museum

  • Popular characters and identification figures for visitors of all age groups
  • Carlotta as an image of the museum and Carlchen as a car
  • Premiere for Carlotta on 3 October 2020 with three shows
  • Advance ticket sales online at

Stuttgart. With immediate effect, the #mercedesbenzmuseum is represented by two mascots: Carlotta and Carlchen. Both will appear as a duo in future print media suitable for children and as motifs for merchandising articles. Carlotta will also have her own solo role. Carlotta was designed to represent the museum both digitally and as a walking act at many events as a popular character and identification figure. Carlotta will be making her first appearance at a public event on 3 October 2020.

Head of the #mercedesbenzmuseum Monja Büdke explains: “Our idea was to create recognisable personalities for children and adults to identify with. As a mother of two children, I know how positive the effect of animated characters is. The result is a likeable duo: Carlotta as an image of the museum and her partner Carlchen as a car, obviously bearing the star on the bonnet.”

Premiere for Carlotta with plenty of friends from #stuttgart and the surrounding region

More than 20 mascots from establishments and institutions in #stuttgart and the region are expected to make their appearance at Carlotta’s premiere at the #mercedesbenzmuseum on 3 October 2020, including Hirsch and Greif, two heraldic figures associated with the German state of Baden-Württemberg, classic Swabian characters Äffle and Pferdle, football club VfB Stuttgart’s Fritzle and others. On 3 October 2020, Carlotta and all the visiting mascots will be staging a total of three shows in the Large Hall at the #mercedesbenzmuseum (10 a.m., 12 noon and 2 p.m.) organised by the #stuttgart improvisational theatre group, Kanonenfutter. Tickets for the show can be purchased online for the price of a standard museum admission ticket or at the museum box office at (adults € 9.75, children and young #people up to the age of 15 years are free).

Digital design by studiokurbos

Stuttgart design studio studiokurbos designed the two figures – initially as two-dimensional graphics, later as three-dimensional digital models. The result was two friendly characters: Carlotta, a personified figure that vividly captures the distinctive architectural lines created by UNStudio van Berkel & Bos (Amsterdam), and Carlchen, a car with human traits and the unmistakable Mercedes star on the radiator. Both figures skilfully represent the museum and its contents. This also applies to the names that amount to a play on words incorporating the word “car” and “Carl” (for Carl Benz), which are highly appropriate to the #mercedesbenzmuseum.

Dennis Moser from studiokurbos explains: “The greatest challenge for us as designers was to create a character such as Carlotta based on an icon such as the #mercedesbenzmuseum. We set ourselves the task of bringing the building to life while doing justice to the brand. Now we are looking forward to the reactions of the visitors to the #mercedesbenzmuseum.”

Carlotta as sculptural implementation

Steegmüller Sculptures used the digital designs to breathe life into the Carlotta figure. The company, based in Ostfildern in Germany, specialises in turning models into animated sculptures and walking acts.

Jörg Steegmüller adds: “The particular challenge in creating the costume was to maintain the basic proportions of the architecture of the #mercedesbenzmuseum, at most merely simplifying them to suit the aesthetics of comics. In creating this figure, it was crucial to ensure that it was instantly recognisable. At the same time, it was important to have a friendly face positioned appropriately and give it open, appealing eyes. I immediately fell in love with the result: as long as Carlotta is around, #people will love her. When she’s gone, she’ll be missed.”

Popular figurehead and identification figure at numerous other events

In future, fans of the #mercedesbenzmuseum will be able to experience Carlotta’s charm at numerous events: after the premiere at the beginning of October the mascot will be attending events and also be around at the museum at weekends when no events have been scheduled. Whether it is at the museum box office, in the CAMPUS children’s and youth area or in the exhibition: Carlotta will inject fun and entertainment into all these events, inviting playful interaction and always being available as a photo and selfie motif for unforgettable memories.

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