september 16, 2020 - Nintendo

Fight Crab Launches Today on Nintendo Switch!

Unleash shell in the new physics-based 3D battle action game from #mastiff & Calappa Games

SAN FRANCISCO -- Sept. 15, 2020 -- Let the battle begin! #mastiff and #calappagames have released the physics-based 3D brawler Fight Crab on the Nintendo eShop for #nintendo Switch™. This absurdly hilarious battle action game, featuring intense claw-to-claw combat and over-the-top single-player and multiplayer modes, is available today in North America, Europe and Australia for $19.99 (US)/€19,99 (EU)/$29.99 (AU).

The rules of Fight Crab are simple: do not talk about Fight You are a giant crab – embark on a world tour of crustacean conquest, flipping over and pinning anything that crab walks in your way. Master classic fighting game moves like blocks, grabs and hyper mode-activated skills, and unlock powerful new crabs and abilities with each victory. Arm yourself with an arsenal of wild weaponry, including the whip sword, nunchaku, axe gun, chainsaw, beam saber, jet engines and more – everything needed to crush the living shell out of your foes!

Key Features:

  • Claw through a Campaign Mode with 34 stages spread out across 7 chapters, plus 7 tutorial stages.
  • 23 types of playable crab, 48 different weapons and 11 unique battle stages.
  • A variety of matchmaking options including 1v1, 2v2, and offline and online co-op and versus battle modes.
  • Unlock special skills like the fabled Kanihameha, devastating Crab Copter and more.
  • Level up your crab, recruit new crabs, and purchase deadly new weapons to build the ultimate crab warrior.
  • Nintendo #switch Joy-Con™ motion controls let you freely manipulate limbs to punch, grab and flip your way to victory.
  • Use Photo Mode to capture, share and immortalize epic confrontations and intense battles.

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About Mastiff

Mastiff is a publisher of fun, easy-to-pick-up-and-play games on all platforms, including those from #nintendo, Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc., Microsoft, PC, and online gaming. Founded in 2002, #mastiff is proud to have released games in virtually every genre, including action, adventure, RPG, FPS, casual and music.

About Calappa Games

Masafumi Onuki, a solo developer whose projects include Fight CrabAce of Seafood, and Neo Aquarium - The King of Crustaceans, founded #calappagames in October 2019. Calappa Games' most recent project, Fight Crab, is made possible in part by a grant from the Japan Game Culture Foundation, led by Representative Director Mr. Yoshihiki Okamoto. All of Mr. Onuki’s projects feature genre-spanning music created by DEKU.