september 16, 2020 - Arnulf Rainer Museum

'EMILIO VEDOVA – ARNULF RAINER, TITIAN IS WATCHING' at the Arnulf Rainer Museum in Baden



6. SEP 2020 – 5. APR 2021


“In addition to a very dense, austere retrospective of Vedova’s work, the exhibition includes outstanding and significant paintings by the artist that represent important stages of his work and life. Alongside Venice, his native city, Berlin and New York were the two cities from which he drew definitive inspiration for his work. Vedova’s work thus serves as the focal point of this exhibition, which, along with the names of the two artists, bears the title “Titian is watching”. That is the wording that #arnulfrainer formulated for a piece from 1967. The intense, expressive painting of the great 16th century Venetian painter connects the two painters Vedova and Rainer like a steady, constant, calming force. For Vedova and Rainer, as well, the process of painting can unleash an enormously physical process. By the end of his career, Titian found that the paintbrush was no longer adequate as a tool through which to express himself with colour, as can be seen, for instance, in “Pietà” (Accademia, Venice), which Titian produced in 1576, the last year of his life. At times he painted with his bare fingers – a method that #emiliovedova and #arnulfrainer also employed extensively in their painting. (Helmut Friedel)

“Emilio Vedova – #arnulfrainer: ‘Tizian schaut’ (Titian is watching)” is first and foremost an encounter between the works of two great artists of their time (Fig. 1), who shared a warm friendship and a similar view of the value of art – experienced and expressed as a responsible relationship with the events of our world. Their history, which was shaped by some very personal artistic developments in Europe since the Second World War, bears witness to an attentive and sensitive humanity which has made it its task to express, through works of art and a strong and authentic manner of thinking, the fragility of our existence and its beauty as an entity fully aware of its own imperfections. (Fabrizio Gazzarri)



Curators: Helmut Friedel & Fabrizio Gazzarri
Duration: 6. September 2020 – 5. April 2021

Lenders: Arnulf Rainer
Fondazione Emilio e Annabianca Vedova, Venedig
Galleria dello Scudo, Verona


Publication on the occasion of the exhibition:
Ed. Helmut Friedel for the #arnulfrainer Museum
Graphic design: Christian Schepe
Text contributions by #arnulfrainer, Hannelore Ditz, Alfredo Bianchini, Fabrizio Gazzarri & Helmut Friedel
160 pages, German/English
Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther und Franz König
Cologne 2020
ISBN 978-3-96098-877-9
€ 39,-