september 11, 2020 - Little One

Littleone launches Smart Bottle for next-generation parenting

As a new parent, the fear of unintentional accidents with your precious little one can take away the joy of parenthood. Bottle feeding, especially, is always a nervous, unsure activity as one doesn’t know if the milk is too hot or too cold, or when the last feeding was. Add to it the busy, demanding lifestyles where one is trying to juggle between caring for the baby to running for work. No wonder parenthood turns into a stressful experience! Korean startup Littleone, has launched its Smart Bottle which promises to bring all the joy by letting technology take care of your worries.

Digital technology to make parenting easier

The Smart Bottle warms and sterilizes the milk/formula and also gives tilt and air warnings through an app. The app also records feeding statistics and gives an alarm with real-time monitoring, letting you know when you have to feed you little one next. The bottle transfers its data to the app which can then be checked by the caregiver. The product also has an automatic detection where the Smart Bottle will set the right mixing temperature by scanning the bar code of the formula box.

Much more than a simple bottle

The Smart Bottle is not your regular feeding bottle lining the aisles in the supermarket. The product uses cutting-edge IoT technology and comes with a temperature sensor, acceleration sensor, heating plate, Bluetooth, and a patented algorithm. By monitoring the temperature and feeding posture, it ensures your baby gets their feed safely and conveniently. It also helps avoid nutrient loss, caused by the variation in temperature. The bottle is compatible with ios 7 and Android 4.3 and above. The bottle is made from glass, silicone, and ABS material and has 160 and 240 ml volume.  The company also has Smart Pee and Smart Temp products that also measure the bowel movements and body temperature of the baby. A happy baby means a happy parent!

Introducing the Next Level Parenting Assistant


  • real-time temp. monitoring + excessive heat warning
  • keeps milk warm (up to 122oF /50oC)
  • automatic feeding records
  • feeding angle coaching
  • safe glass body

All of the functions that our devices provide are intended to make your life a lot easier by monitoring the most tedious chores of baby care. When it is time for feeding, Smart-Bottle serves as an excellent assistant to inform, remind, and advise you---thereby helping you become a feeding expert. From recording feeding activities to remind you that the formula has reached a good temperature, we can help.

Who We Are & What We Have Done So Far

Littleone is a start-up founded in 2017. Since then, we have developed childcare devices and apps for about a year.  At the same time, we have been chosen as a finalist in Startupbootcamp digital health competition and received seed funding. We came up with three different devices that help caregivers with their daily care activities.

More importantly, we are mothers and fathers who understand and experience the challenges and difficulties of child-caring. The era of IoT and Big Data analysis is around the corner, and we see products and services everywhere, yet the group of customers who need them the most has been largely neglected—infant and their caregivers. We are here to raise the bar.

Product Detail

Smart-Bottle is a smart feeding bottle that helps with feeding your little one.  With a built-in heating pad that warms up the milk up to 50ºC / 122ºF so you can feed your baby at an ideal temperature. Also, it shows the temperature in real-time and warns you if the temperature is too high for feeding. It features an accelerator sensor which will record and build statistics every time feeding activity takes place, and coach you with maintaining the proper feeding angle.