october 05, 2020 - CaosCreo

Christmas 2020… Get Inspired with Caoscreo!

We are at the end of the summer season and incredibly in a few weeks we will be surprised to imagine winter, especially Christmas.
So let us allow ourselves the time to think a little in advance of the right inspiration for the upcoming holidays. It is time to experience pleasant and positive moments in the last part of this tiring 2020.
Caoscreo loves Christmas in a particular way. The #design, made of metal, is ecological and has always been conceived with respect for the environment. It is the small details that often make the difference, preciousness that renew the ancient joy of Christmas.
Different and original are the Christmas Balls with 5 typically Christmas subjects, revisited in a modern key by Rosa Celestino and Alanda #design and packaged in a single gift idea-pack, they are a new way to decorate spaces.
It does not matter what colors the furniture or other decorations will have. The balls are in mirror polished steel and will adapt perfectly to any setting ... essential, modern or classic and traditional.
By folding the engraved internal parts, it is possible to easily obtain unique spheres, which will move delicately, following the oscillations of the air.
Hanging them on the tree, in a corner of the fireplace, at the entrance to the house: thanks to their mirror surface, Christmas will be full of light, atmosphere and ... magic!

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