july 22, 2020 - Camper and Nicholsons

Famed Superyacht Ambrosia for Sale

Camper & Nicholsons is currently listing for sale the 65-metre Benetti, Ambrosia, a storied #yacht owned by Ambrous Young, one of Hong Kong’s most secretive and talked about owners. For years, Ambrosia was the dominant #yacht in the marina at the Gold Coast #yacht and Country Club in Tuen Mun. 

Ambrosia is the third in a series of superyachts owned by Young, who made his fortune in the Asian aviation industry. Young is fond of telling of his yacht-building adventures with Benetti, with which he has had a long relationship.

For years, Ambrosia was the biggest #yacht based in Hong Kong and when it was launched in 2006, its Azipod systems were the most advanced propulsion systems available for superyachts.  

There is an enormous amount of space onboard for a #yacht this length, with enough capacity for a crew of 20 and 12 guests, potentially making this a good charter #yacht. Thanks to the propulsion systems and enormous fuel capacity, Ambrosia enjoys a spectacular, 9,000-nautical range.

Francois Zuretti handled the interiors, creating a special design for a very particular customer. Young even had his own coat of arms designed to be emblazoned on the #yacht. Young’s fascination with the world of aerospace showed up in his upper deck dining area, which had a replica of the moon’s surface inlaid just beneath the floor decking, with glass portholes designed to let a guest “walk” on the moon.

All the amenities can be found, along with a dedicated medial centre. On the aft deck, a solitary fishing chair was added, which Young enjoyed sitting in and watching the wake from the #yacht when it was underway. Young is known for his love of the engineering side of his vessels.

In 2017, Ambrosia had an extensive refit at the Jade shipyard in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. Most recently, Ambrosia has been berthed at the Anping Port in Taiwan. Camper & Nicholsons acquired the listing in 2019.