june 29, 2020 - IXS motorcycles Fashion

Tour LT Glove Montevieo-Air S - Hand charmer for the road and terrain

Good grip

The combination of high-quality goatskin, sturdy Amara textile material and 3D Airmesh stretch fabric give the Tour LT Glove Montevideo-Air S from #ixs abrasion resistance and make it suitable for the summer so that it’s not only of interest to off-road pilots.

Enduro gloves have to satisfy a particularly wide range of requirements: They have to be light and flexible and yet still provide good protection to riders in every situation. The #ixs Tour LT Glove Montevideo-Air S was developed for the varied Enduro lifestyle. The #ixs development team spared no effort in guaranteeing extreme resistance and complete coverage from the fingers to the end of the cuff.

Ventilated TPR protectors for the hand and knuckles provide simultaneous protection and unlimited freedom of movement; they protect against stones and twigs, while the wide cuff with Velcro fastening keeps the wrists safe from a sudden impact. Through additional safety-relevant elements such as the cuff with a TPU moulded part or the leather reinforcement on the base of the thumb, this Enduro glove also offers good protection on asphalt. The evidence for this is that it complies with the EN13594:2015 test standard.

At the same time, keeping a perfect grip was also considered to be extremely important. The long- lasting Amara material is soft and comfortable and stands out because of its excellent grip properties. In conjunction with the light textile inner lining, the result is extremely good grip when braking, operating the clutch and accelerating. Contact to the handlebar and front wheel is superb, largely due to the finger side walls made of stretch fabric that is very comfortable.

The airy 3D Airmesh material on the thumbs, fingers and cuffs together with the knuckle and finger protectors with air inlets ensure that the ventilation is optimal. The Tour LT Glove Montevideo-Air S offers everything one could want from a truly great summer glove. Its unadulterated characteristics, as its name already suggests, make it the perfect supplement to the wide-ranging, award-winning Montevideo jacket and trouser concept from #ixs.

With an unobtrusive, but not sober design, the Tour LT Glove Montevideo-Air S also impresses as regards styling. Among the seven different colour versions, you can find a matching design for every suit. The sizes range from S to 3XL.

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