june 24, 2020 - Impatia

Introducing IMPATIA's Luxury Game Table Collection

IMPATIA is a luxury #design company based in Milan, specialized in producing bespoke, luxury gaming tables, completely artisan made 100% in Italy.

As a company, we embody creativity and a flair for #design in everything we do. Uniting the traditions of Italian #design, art, and craftsmanship to produce bespoke luxury gaming tables. At its core, #impatia manifests the principle of daring, distinct, #design that is destined to become a true classic.

Whether it’s the #design, the craftsmanship, or the materials used, #impatia always draws upon the highest quality of Italian traditions and innovations to create something that is harmonized between classic and modern. #impatia collaborates with talented artisans from across the country to bring clients a product that is one-of-a-kind, classic, and entirely made in Italy.

For more information please contact info@impatia.com