june 23, 2020 - Rosenthal

Rosenthal's most tropical collections against Wanderlust

Dream travel gets a whole new meaning in these times. We have put together the most exotic collections for a journey in your head:

Rosenthal "Palm Leaves"/Design: Emilio Pucci
Rosenthal is reviving its cooperation with the legendary Italian fashion brand Emilio Pucci this year. The "Palm Leaves" decor is a re-edition of the 1967 "Foglie" collection, inspired by the travels that Marquese Emilio Pucci undertook in Africa, Indonesia and South America. On these journeys he collected new colours and shapes, which he used in the development and production of his prints, and which were also laid out in colour palettes created especially for this purpose. The prints used in "Palm Leaves" and reproduced on the vases are a detail of the original #design, which depicts the profiles of two women wearing headdresses in an abstract way. Each article bears the Rosenthal logo and the signature "Emilio Pucci" as an element integrated into the decoration, a specially made stamp that highlights the collaboration and marks each piece as limited.

Rosenthal Heritage Collection - Turandot: East meets West
Inspired by Giacomo Puccini's opera of the same name, the Turandot decor is a homage to 18th century chinoiseries, which already played an important role in Rosenthal's designs of the late 19th century. A lavish display of peony blossoms, bamboo and ginkgo leaves in delicate colours meets golden dragonflies. The background for the poetic porcelain paintings is a white or dark blue background, framed by a narrow gold rim. Cinti says that the idea for the complex decor came to him when he remembered a visit to the shore of the West Lake in Hangzhou, China. The intertwining of western and eastern elements is emphasized by the expansion of the collection to include elements of classical Chinese dining culture such as rice and soup bowls, porcelain spoons, chopstick holders and tea tins.

Versace Jungle Animalier from Rosenthal meets Versace
The latest Rosenthal meets Versace collection "Jungle Animalier" combines the famous "Jungle" print by Versace with animal patterns and traditional Medusa accents.

Inspired by the iconic #design that Versace showed at the Spring-Summer 2020 fashion show in Milan and the book "South Beach Stories", a legendary photo book of the Versace family, Jungle Animalier scores with bright colours on fine porcelain. The collection includes a range of plates, coffee and tea sets, vases and decorative accessories for the home.

Rosenthal may have one of the longest traditions of Germany's companies, but is also one of the most modern. Just as we did when we were originally founded 140 years ago, Rosenthal develops products equally for discerning end customers and for exacting professional clients from the restaurant and hotel trade. Our products stand out with exceptional form, function, quality and craftsmanship and represent a cultural asset "made in Germany", never ceasing to combine innovation and creativity. With its award-winning porcelain #design, trendy lifestyle collections and modern, elegant classics, the Rosenthal brand raises the bar time and again for aesthetics and individuality.

Established figures from the worlds of architecture, #design and art, but also the hottest newcomers and talents #design avant-garde dinner table collections, foster a joy of giving and create sophisticated furnishings. The collections are manufactured in the Rosenthal porcelain factory in Selb and the "Thomas am Kulm" porcelain factory in Speichersdorf, which offer some of the porcelain industry's most advanced production facilities anywhere in the world and deliver sustainable manufacturing with careful use of resources thanks to the forward- looking investments that have been made. 

New interior collections and accessories enrich the Rosenthal world by adding designer objects that go far beyond the limits of a conventional table setting and round off the huge product variety.