june 01, 2020 - CaosCreo

Taking Back the House with the Interior Design of Caoscreo

With the Covid-19 emergency, Italians, and not only in the world, have rediscovered the value of living in their own home. This concept has been lost especially in the last twenty years, for a frenetic and unstable type of life that leads young people to get by, often changing apartments from one year to the next and dividing the days mostly between the office and the city. What does it mean to return to enhance the domestic space? Certainly investing in #design and related aesthetics.

Soozy is the coffee table conceived by Enrico Cesana that performs a practical function without neglecting the creative one: folded metal plagiarizes the shapes giving a sense of "order" to a partially curved shape, to bring together two different #design ideas in a single product. Similarly, another table proposed by #caoscreo is Puzzle table 'In'&'Out' (design by Puzzle One Planet) based on the game of "joints" by choosing two halves of complementary color, for a #design that also has a playful background.

In the recovery of the value of the house walls, and also of the time that is dedicated to the home, reading and books play a fundamental role: geometric and rectangular, the DOiT bookcase (design by Andrea Radice and Folco Orlandini) is a cornerstone of the brand's #design. Compatibly with personal tastes, the advice to choose it in the Calamine Steel version is a must because its dark and indefinite color scheme is combined with an idea of Interior Design linked to culture as to the artistic vein it represents.

As the #interiordesign it is given value with coatings and furnishing accessories of undoubted utility such as these, so lighting also plays a decisive role in the harmony of the home. The 2.D MetaBit lamp (design by Fabio Marchi) is an example, and not only for the technological use it makes of the IoT, but also for its aesthetic canon that cannot be overlooked; it is in the essential use that is made of metal that its strength lies - and this applies to all #caoscreo - that is, in minimalism, in the simplicity of the forms, which testify to a harmonious but daring domestic rigor.


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