may 12, 2020 - Rosenthal

Sharing is caring: Rosenthal collections for the sense of togetherness

"Happiness is the only thing that multiplies when you share it," as a well-known saying goes.

When you are having dinner with your loved ones, it's not only the delicious food you're sharing, but also the moment that may be unforgotten.

With our collections the get-together after the Corona period can be celebrated in a very special way:

Rosenthal Junto 

  • The Rosenthal Junto #design innovatively and playfully brings together people and their love of good food from all over the world. A subtle fusion of fine porcelain, sumptuous ceramics and warm wood enables all manner of combinations for any cuisine.

Arzberg Joyn

  • The core of the collection is the social sharing of food with friends, family or strangers, and the smart use of space. Joyn reflects a contemporary thus simple and natural aesthetic, offering a casual and relaxed take on fine dining at home.

Thomas Nature

  • A line structure that is broader in the centre and dissolves outwards gives the plates and cups an authentic character and a handmade look. The Sand, Water and Leaf tones harmoniously reflect the natural colour spectrum and thus bring an affinity for nature to the table in a trend-conscious and beautiful manner — for yourself or the special reunion with family and friends.