may 05, 2020 - Rosenthal

Sustainable design under the rainbow

zoeppritz since 1828 X Rosenthal - #331

The rainbow is the most beautiful gift of nature and the main motif of the new porcelain collection #331_RAINBOW of Rosenthal and 'zoeppritz since 1828'. The two traditional German companies can look back on a total of 331 years of company history, a fact that is briefly and concisely reflected in the collection name #331. The rainbow has always been a symbol of harmony and peace, but also stands for nature conservation and the connection between heaven and earth. At the same time, it reminds us of our duty to preserve and protect nature. Partner of the project is the international organization Plant-for-the-planet, which is committed to reforestation worldwide. By selling the #331 collection, 4500 trees are planted and the education of children and young people as international climate ambassadors is supported.

Rosenthal - Paper Bag Vases

With the paper bag vase from 1977, Tapio Wirkkala ironizes the pop art that was leading the way at the time the vase was created. With a wink of the eye, he succeeded in creating an object that became a Rosenthal classic and has been produced for nearly four decades without any changes.

Sambonet - Mix&Play Straws

The ideal gift for those who support sustainability, recycling and a responsible use of everyday products: In vogue and innovative in the concept, appealing and attractive, Mix & Play Straws are “good” too for their eco-friendly nature. They are reusable and hygienic as they are sold with a practical cleaning brush and in an original and attractive paper package.