april 28, 2020 - CaosCreo

The 2.D MetaBit lamp by Caoscreo, technological and multifunctional

In 2009 Fabio Marchi designed 2.D for the #caoscreo brand, a minimal style lamp; two versions in which it was conceived: Night and Living and Floor, with three different "sizes" - small, medium and large - for different functions: the first two from the table, the third from the floor. In any case, we are talking about a long, elegant, classic object, with an innate verticality that is a little "Gothic", especially in the Floor version, which starting from the floor points upwards, stands out indoors because it is slender, but "without making noise"; otherwise, the Living and Night versions are, due to their small size, usable as table lighting or bedside #light.

Subsequently, #caoscreo gave birth to 2.D MetaBit: the real innovation of this product lies in the union between #design and Technology for the use that the lamp makes of the #iot, or "Internet of Things", that concept that indicates a set of technologies that allows you to connect the internet to different devices, with the aim of transferring information that is useful for finalizing them in practical actions.

Indeed, thanks to the collaboration with the Digital Habits company, the lamp, thanks to its technological features, has a high-performance LED #light source that lights up with a simple touch; on the back there is a USB port to recharge smartphones and tablets, while other immediate utility functions are the speakerphone or the bluetooth speaker for audio streaming.

Caoscreo, Terenzi brand, has shaped the lamp from steel; the object is thus composed of two parts - one of which is the plastic base, obtained with a mold, the other constitutes both the stem and the lampshade: with the Laser being the protagonist in shaping with millimeter precision and rapidity an object of strenuous elegance in its discretion, functionality, essentiality. This use of the laser makes the lamp aesthetically linear through a process which, as always for #caoscreo, is part of an eco-sustainability discourse. The plastic part that constitutes the base and that differentiates 2.D MetaBit from the essential 2.D is precisely composed of painted polycarbonate, a thermoplastic polymer that is obtained from carbonic acid.

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