february 13, 2020 - Ventura Project

Kick-start your design itinerary for Milan design week

We are delighted to share with you a preview of the upcoming editions of ventura future and ventura centrale during milan #designweek, 21 – 26 april 2020.
During a packed press conference today in, several speakers revealed what we can expect for the 2020 editions of Ventura Future and Ventura Centrale. Exciting plans and promising launches were shared with the international press. This press release will bring you up to speed and get you ready for April's #design explosion!


Over the past years, Ventura Future has been an essential tick box on the Milan #designweek listings thanks to its outstanding exhibitions, innovative #design research projects and interesting releases. In 2020, Ventura Projects is renewing its partnership with the leading creative hub BASE Milano. Ventura Future will return for the second year in a row to one of the most prominent spots of Zona Tortona, taking over at least 3,500 m2 of exhibition space.

This year we have redesigned the general exhibition format in order to meet the various needs of the designers, resulting in the following exhibition formats for Ventura Future 2020: Ventura Collection (emerging designers), Ventura Expose (promising individual designers and #design studios), Ventura Rooms (hotel rooms in casa BASE), Ventura Academies (prominent academies) and Ventura Brands (established creative brands and country presentations).

For all the #design aficionados amongst you, Ventura Future is an outstanding #event package with its great focus on those designers and #design stories who both foresee and question the nearby future. Sustainability, material research and bio-innovation are recurring subjects within Ventura Future 2020. To give a few examples, Martina Taranto (Italy) aims to change people's mentality by dematerialising the objects she creates: they intentionally turn to dust and don't last forever. STIKKISTUDIO (Netherlands) has created a series of ceramic tiles made from bottom ash, containing the residues from combusted household waste. Also, Dutch-based #design studio Mesh uses household organic waste to facilitate the growth of nutritious mushrooms in urban kitchens, hence stimulating a 'circular waste-to-table concept'. At the press conference, designer Arne Desmet of Fractall (Belgium) explained his collection Fossils of the future, highly functional objects made from cast concrete. In the course of the production process the concrete moulds add unique textures on the surfaces of the interior objects, which Desmet sees as modern-day fossils.

Pointing to future issues allows designers to be present in the here and now. The same applies to traditions. At Ventura Future, creative collective 9+1 (Japan) explores the future and more contemporary possibilities of Urushi, the traditional Japanese lacquer whose use can be revived thanks to a combination with the latest technologies. Slovenian designer Tina Rugelj pays homage to the past by creating a furniture collection that captures the beauty of the Mediterranean culture and her memories of the Adriatic Sea. Visitors will be treated to a beautiful collection that highlights and rediscovers the local traditional handicrafts of that specific area. Italian #design duo Clessidra also reinterprets rituals through their project Simposio, a collection of everyday objects made of clay that reflects on the ancient Greek-Roman ritual of symposium.

Ventura Future connoisseurs know that for each edition Ventura Projects invites and presents a great selection of prominent #design academies. This year, we have the honour to welcome new schools such as Columbia College Chicago (United States of America), Manchester School of Arts (United Kingdom), Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti (Italy) and Technológico de Monterrey (Mexico) and returning participants such as Royal College of Arts (United Kingdom), #design School Kolding (Denmark) and VIA University College (Denmark). Today, the press already got a glimpse of the extraordinary project that VIA University College will showcase during Ventura Future 2020, in which students focus on the oceans, its intriguing flora and fauna and all of its unknown forms that students are led to as they research a #design process.

Within Ventura Future 2020, Ventura Projects curates an exhibition called 'Hello Humanity: Dutch #design for a holistic world'. This exhibition showcases a selection of seven Dutch-based designers who have an innovative, holistic and inclusive #design approach. #design is no longer just a way to produce objects; it is becoming a way to stimulate thoughts, reflections and a new way of living in order to harmonise with the environment and others around you. Multiple projects within the exhibition focus on illness, emotions and injustice with the goal of getting #people to connect with themselves and others and be more inclusive. The trans-disciplinary, humanistic and empathic designs of this unique exhibition tell stories which belong to all of us. The seven selected exhibitors are: Aline Gerards, Ching-Hui Yang, Irakli Sabekia, Jessica Smarsch, Lot Mars, Makers Unite and Pauline Agustoni. The project is made possible by the support of the Netherlands Consulate-General in Milan and the Dutch Embassy in Rome.

BASE Milano

At the heart of #designweek 2020 at BASE #milano is a reflection on the overload of images and information that overwhelms us on a daily basis. The ex-Ansaldo lounge will be transformed from the big open space for socialising, studying, working and kicking back into an off/lab: a space of physical and mental decompression located at the heart of the Tortona district, offering visitors the chance to temporarily switch off from the chaos and commotion that is the hallmark of Fuorisalone.

Also in 2020, the vaulted warehouses of the Milan Central Station will form the stage for the spectacular and captivating #design shows and exhibitions of Ventura Centrale. The 16 vaults will this year be host to: Object Carpet x Ippolito Fleitz Group (Germany), Daikin (Japan), Studio Italia #design (Italy), NOROO (Korea), Synesthesia Lab (Japan), Yamaha Corporation #design Laboratory (Japan), CRAMUM (Italy), FiberEUse (Italy), Kunaal Kyhaan per KOY (India), TANGENT (United Kingdom), Chiquita (Italy), Puma Innovation (Germany), Level Project (Italy), Museum of Architecture and #design (Slovenia) and Rapt Studio (United States).

After being lauded as the Elle Decor India's EDIDA 'Designer of the Year' 2019, Indian designer Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar takes visitors into an exotic universe filled with extraordinary stories at Ventura Centrale 2020, curated by Valentina Guidi Ottobri. The interactive installation Rytuals aims to reproduce Indian mythological tales and customs. Each piece in the exhibition reflects the essence of the spiritual dimension inspired by these epic narrations, exploring tales that have been passed down over the generations.

Enhance, Rhizomatiks and sound artist evala combine forces in the alliance-based collective Synesthesia Lab, which presents a synesthetic experience device during Milan #designweek. The experiential project Synesthesia X1 immerses visitors in a new multi-sensory musical experience, wrapping them in a world of sounds, lights, and vibrations. Their body becomes the medium and their consciousness is heightened, as they naturally become a part of the flow.

Italian decorative lighting company Studio Italia Design will be presenting the brand's 2020 new collections during Salone del Mobile in Milan through La Piazza -- an installation curated by the company's newly appointed #design Curator, Luca Nichetto. Historically, Italian piazzas have always been meeting points to exchange goods, ideas and news. In La Piazza, Studio Italia #design will create a space where visitors can come together to interact, socialise and create.

During the press conference Prof. Marcello Colledani from Politecnico di #milano, coordinator of the European Horizon 2020 project FiberEUse, emphasised the importance of a transition to a circular economy. FiberEUse, funded by the European Commission, includes 21 partners from 7 member states. At Ventura Centrale they will present an installation highlighting the need to reuse end-of-life fibre products by showcasing high quality interior products from recycled fibre, as well as high value-added products from other sectors, such as automotive, sport and aviation. Following a circular path, visitors are invited to experience the process of composite recycling and to be inspired by the benefits of a circular economy.