february 13, 2020 - JCP Universe

Discovering Aboram and Maseen

Kusa no hana
Yes I said yes I will Yes
Get hard as marble

Haiku by Alistair Gentry

The stone, with its primordial strength and its material beauty, becomes a powerful base from which metal extensions grow organically. Going beyond the idea of a simple ornamental piece, Aboram is a sculpture open to a thousand interpretations, according to its users' needs and to the environment in which it is inserted. #design by Sam Baron

Foreign embassy
The clocks were striking thirteen
Natsukashi ya

Haiku by Alistair Gentry

From Samer Alameen's passion for Meccano, a series of tables that show us how individual #components can create infinite possibilities and endless meanings. Like the gears and cogwheels of a watch that, given the right combination, can reveal to us the secret of the flow of time.