january 27, 2020 - Volkswagen

Volkswagen upping use of green electricity at its plants

  • Volkswagen brand aims to further increase external supply of plants with electricity from renewable sources
  • Andreas Tostmann, #Volkswagen Brand Board of Management Member for Production: “We want to increase use of eco-electricity at our plants this year from 70 to 90 per cent”
  • Sites that produce their own power are switching to natural gas

The #Volkswagen brand is making good progress towards its target of CO2-neutral production by 2050. The company has now set itself further ambitious targets for 2020 in order to expand the percentage of externally sourced #Energy from renewable sources at its plants. Andreas Tostmann, #Volkswagen Brand Board of Management Member for Production and Logistics, said: “We want to significantly increase the amount of #green #Energy bought in at our plants this year from 70 to 90 per cent.” Besides that, #Volkswagen is consistently focussing on natural #gas for its own power generation and is switching its power plants in Wolfsburg from coal to #gas

The external supply of power at the #Volkswagen brand’s 16 plants around the world (excluding China) has already been switched to 70 per cent #green electricity from renewable sources. The company has now resolved to increase this figure to 90 per cent inside just one year.

In addition, #Volkswagen is systematically switching its in-house power generating plants to #gas. The supply of power for the production operation in Wolfsburg is, for example, currently in the process of being switched by 2022 to highly efficient combined cycle #gas turbine (CCGT) plants. They are run in cogeneration mode: the CO2 emissions from generating electricity and heat will go down as a result by 60 per cent or around 1.5 million tonnes a year. That is equivalent to the emissions of around 870,000 cars. The first of the components required for doing this were delivered last weekend. With these power plants #Volkswagen is making a long-term contribution to the stability of the national grid and power system in Germany.