december 10, 2019 - Castro Lighting

High-end materials table lamps selection

Castro Lighting's heritage was built on the premise that quality products come from quality materials. The brand has a great selection of high-quality materials, adjustable to every taste, from Marble to #swarovski Crystals, brass and even nickel.

Sparta's marble is presented in a cylinder disrupted with gold-plated brass rings that confer grace and softens this piece. The combination of these two materials results in exclusive details that will fit and enrich the most exquisite decorations.

The Swarovski Crystal Rocks in the centre give Petra Table Lamp design a touch of elegance, being framed by a rectangular structure in gold-plated brass that grants it a harmonious balance. The lampshade with a gold-brass strip on both extremities conveys a luxurious and sophisticated look that doesn't go away unnoticed.

Saturn's Table Lamp design got many splendid traits which make it exceptional, just as Saturn's rings. It is solidly made of brass rings and can be a perfect match to confident interiors of very different styles.