december 05, 2019 - Castro Lighting

Contemporary Lighting: The Most Elegant Lighting masterpieces

It's time to celebrate the authentic synergy between traditions and contemporary influences with the extraordinary and timeless statement lighting designs.

Tell your uplifting and classy story through the most elegant lighting masterpieces. Bring an exclusive character to your upcoming Issue and inspire readers to #design their sophisticated home with a contemporary lighting aesthetics by #castrolighting.

Streamline Suspension was conceived to be distinctive and stand out for its design, becoming the perfect fit for curated interiors that combine a diversity of styles. This elegant suspension features long gold-plated brass tubes that give the #design a whole exclusive and deluxe look.

Blaze Suspension is recommended for high ceilings and grand spaces, such as hotel lobbies or double floor staircases, being best-paired with modern or art deco #interiordesign styles.

Twist Suspension materializes the concept of twist in its design. The combination between the glass and the gold-plated brass structure gives this one of a kindhandmade lighting piece a sense of refinement that is unusually seen.