october 22, 2019 - Rosenthal

Legendary beautiful: our favorite Medusa-Accessories from Rosenthal meets Versace

Mysterious and iconic - as a special monogram the head of Medusa represents the famous Italian #fashion house #Versace since 1993. In the same year, #Rosenthal meets #Versace showcased one of the first porcelain collections : name and decor are highly influenced by the Greek deity. The collaborative work between the two international brands created numerous designs that were based on the iconic female head.

Here are our Medusa favorites from the #Rosenthal meets #Versace collections 2019:

Rosenthal meets #Versace Medusa Grande

The elegant #Rosenthal meets #Versace collection welcomes its newest addition. The iconic Break the Bank Medusa silhouette is reinterpreted – this time as a vase.
The three-dimensional Medusa was first envisioned as a bank, perfect for saving any loose change and ideal as a gift. This season, the slit on the top of Medusa's head is made larger, fitting perfectly an array of flowers. Crafted out of the finest porcelain, the legendary silhouette comes in two sizes.
The Medusa Grande is available in four tones: glazed white, black, silver and gold.

Rosenthal meets #Versace Medusa Gypsy

Gaze-locked by the Medusa! Fine porcelain boxes with Medusa-shaped lids keep your small possessions safe in #Versace style. Drawing inspiration from the international globetrotting life, the gypsy and the wanderer culture. These boxes are ideal for safe-keeping of all nomadic trinkets that tend to get lost easily – jewelry, hair pins, keys, safety pins or cufflinks.
The three-dimensional, representation of the Medusa comes in seven glazed colors: shiny gold, silver, black, white, pink, blue and deep blue.

Rosenthal meets #Versace Medusa Paperweight

As the gaze of the mythical woman had the power to petrify – or "lock" onlookers – the Medusa Paperweight "locks" or stops paper and books from moving.
Chosen for her beauty and strength as the symbol of #Versace, the Medusa Paperweight adds a chic dose of Magna Grecia to home décor. The three-dimensional Medusa is of quality crystal.
The paperweight is available in four color variants: clear sandblasted, blue, red and amber.

Rosenthal meets #Versace Medusa Kaleidoscope Gold
The new Medusa Kaleidoscope dish made from high-quality porcelain interprets the iconic #Versace Medusa head in a young and extravagant way. 35 intricate Medusa reliefs in white and one in gold adorn the dish and make this object, which is limited to 99 pieces worldwide, a statement piece in any interior.

Its production places the highest demands on the art of porcelain manufacturing and requires a high degree of manual work. The Medusa Kaleidoscope dish is produced in many individual working steps, whereby every detail is crucial to achieve the perfect result. Whether as a vase or dish, Medusa Kaleidoscope Gold harmonises perfectly with the current #Versace Home Collection 2019.

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