july 11, 2019 - ABT Sportline

Compact powerhouse: ABT boosts Audi RS3 to 470 hp

Just 20 years ago, the S3 made its debut as the most powerful compact #Audi boasting 210 hp (154 kW). Coming in one level above this, the #rs3 was introduced eight years ago. The current generation with Otto particulate filters delivers an enormous 400 hp (294 kW), almost twice as much power but the ‘driving pleasureometer’ has still to reach its peak. ABT Sportsline presents the ABT Power S performance package which provides the latest edition of the #Audi #rs3 with a whopping 470 hp (346 kW). Aficionados are aware that the "S" always refers to an additional mechanical component. Thus an intercooler is used in addition to the high-tech control unit ABT Engine Control (AEC). From the outset, this results not only in a significant increase in horsepower, but also an increase in torque, from 480 to 540 Nm. The maximum speed is also increased from 155 to 177 mph as part of the scope of delivery. As a lower-priced alternative, ABT Power is available with AEC only. This option provides 440 hp of power output (324 kW) and a maximum torque of 520 Nm. An optional ABT silencer system will soon be available for all #rs3 models. It is manufactured from stainless steel and its crowning glory comprises four black chrome-plated tailpipes, each with a diameter of 102 mm. Certification is included.