june 12, 2019 - Sollos

SOLLOS by your side: six striking side tables to style up your home.

SOLLOS by Jader Almeida offers a wide-ranging choice of furnishings, featuring chairs, upholstered lounge chairs, sofas, tables, #interiordesign items, lighting and decorative accessories. Thanks to its far-ranging offer, SOLLOS decorates contemporary interiors with several #design solutions, providing every space with timeless elegance and exclusive taste. If you are searching for a #design piece to decorate your room with a twist of sophistication, you can find the right answer among SOLLOS unique proposals. An outstanding #design element signed by SOLLOS could really make the difference in your home by adding a touch of everlasting splendor. To style up your living room with a poetic and functional piece of furniture, there’s nothing better than SOLLOS side tables. Practical and appealing, you can place them next to a sofa or a lounge chair to create an intimate corner where having a conversation and relaxing. Among many models proposed by the Brazilian brand, all conceived by Jader Almeida, we have selected some of them to illustrate SOLLOS cosmopolitan allure.

The Jazz side table, launched last April during Milan #design Week, has a unique appeal based on the combination of premium materials. The marble top emphasizes the elegance of the table in vivid counterpoint with the slender figure of the base in cast iron or brass. The slightly concave shape of the marble top is thought to preserve the objects arranged on the surface. Jazz is available with different top geometries as well as size variations.

The side table Asti has a striking light #design. Indeed, Jader Almeida’s priority was to conceive a lightweight piece of furniture. The base supports the table at a single point and the agile metallic structure pierces through the table top, forming a single handle. The table features a solid brass or carbon steel frame and a laminated MDF top.Practical and discreet, the Asti side table suits several interiors adding a scent of exquisite elegance.

The side tables Cigg have a light and functional #design. A spindle regulates the height of the table top while the handle is available in three different shapes: a ball, a ring or an inverted tripod. These original and practical handles allow the pieces to be moved all around the environment. Cigg side tables are available with a solid brass or a copper frame, and a marble or red iron top.  

The side tables Jardim, as the name suggests, look like a blooming garden when grouped together as a set. These pieces of #design could be declined in many versions: four top shapes, four heights, two bases with different heights and diameters are available. Moreover, the versatile Jardim side table could be customized in several different textures and colors.

The elegant side table Legg has a harmonious structure in solid wood. The top is available in laminated MDF with a wood frame, or alternatively in clear, bronze or smoked glass. The feet joints can be customized in brass or black carbon steel. This sophisticated piece of furniture has a slender shape and it harmonizes easily with contemporary and stylish interiors.

The side table Wed features an extremely fluid #design. Thanks to materials like wood and cork, the designer Jader Almeida has created a #design proposal with a daring form: the brass handle and the sinuous lines donate elegance and functionality to the piece. The structure is available in natural composite wood, dyed or lacquered, and in dark or light cork, a thoroughly sustainable and versatile material.

SOLLOS side tables are elegant and versatile proposals, conceived to add style to your home with their timeless and exclusive designs. These pieces of furniture stand out for the wise use of materials and suit perfectly contemporary interiors, enhancing your home with a touch of poetry.