april 29, 2019 - Mercedes-Benz

Change of management: Personnel changes at Mercedes-Benz Cars

  • Katrin Adt, currently Head of the product unit smart, will, as of 1 July 2019, take over management of the newly created unit #MercedesBenz Cars Own Retail Europe (Passenger Cars and Vans).
  • Sabine Kohleisen, currently Head of the unit #MercedesBenz Cars Own Retail Germany (Passenger Cars and Vans), will, as of 1 July 2019, take over management of the unit #MercedesBenz Cars Personnel.
  • Karl Schregle, previously Head of Sales Controlling #MercedesBenz Cars, will, as of 1 May 2019, become Head of the unit #MercedesBenz Cars Sales Europe.

Stuttgart. #katrinadt (46) is taking over management of the newly created unit #MercedesBenz Cars Own Retail Europe (Passenger Cars and Vans) as of July 2019. The German and European section of the Group's own sales network (Own Retail) is being amalgamated. The aim is to pool expertise throughout Europe and thus put Own Retail on an even firmer footing for the future. In her new role Adt will be reporting to Britta Seeger, Member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG responsible for #MercedesBenz Cars Sales, and will take on the duties of #sabinekohleisen (55), who will assume leadership of the #MercedesBenz Cars Personnel unit from July 2019. Subject to the approval of the Annual Meeting on 22 May 2019 and the approval of the newly elected supervisory board of #MercedesBenz AG in September 2019, Kohleisen will be appointed to the Board of Management of #MercedesBenz AG.

"With great enthusiasm #katrinadt has repeatedly restructured organisations for #people. She will therefore seamlessly be able to follow on from the outstanding work carried out by her predecessor and bring together our German and European Own Retail to an even greater extent in the future in her new role", says Britta Seeger. "Sabine Kohleisen has made a key contribution towards our success on the German market in Own Retail. I am certain that she will be just as successful in her new role", Seeger adds.

Katrin Adt started at DaimlerChrysler Belgium Luxembourg in Brussels in 1999. Following positions in Belgium, Stuttgart and as the Head of the #MercedesBenz Sales Company in Luxembourg she joined a personnel consultancy in 2013. A year later she returned to Daimler and became responsible for the development of management and also for HR Services in the Group's HR division. In this role she developed and managed the transformation initiative "Leadership 2020". After taking on the product unit smart in autumn 2018, her focus was on shaping a long-term future for the brand, which was secured by founding a joint venture with Geely in China.

Sabine Kohleisen began working at the #MercedesBenz Stuttgart sales and service outlet as a passenger car salesperson in 1990. Following various positions in the #MercedesBenz Marketing Academy she made a key contribution towards setting up the DaimlerChrysler #corporate University. Further tasks followed at #MercedesBenz Cars, before she took over worldwide personnel management for top sales executives in 2010. From 2014 to 2018 #sabinekohleisen managed the Supervisory Board and Board of Management Office at Daimler AG. Since April 2018, she has been responsible for the proprietary dealer network (Mercedes-Benz sales and service outlets) in Germany.

Karl Schregle (53) will take over management of #MercedesBenz Cars Sales Europe from May 2019. He succeeds Marcus Breitschwerdt, who, as of 1 May 2019, will take over management of #MercedesBenz Vans. "Marcus Breitschwerdt has performed outstanding work for our sales in the Europe region. I thank him for his excellent performance in the past years", says Britta Seeger. "Karl Schregle is a very experienced colleague and an acknowledged sales expert, who has demonstrated extraordinary commitment in our Passenger Car division for many years. He demonstrated his abilities not only in Sales and Marketing, but also in the Finance and Controlling unit. I welcome him to my team very warmly and wish him lots of success in carrying out his new tasks", says Seeger.

Karl Schregle has held various positions in the company since 1992. These include his roles at #MercedesBenz Bank AG, CEO of #MercedesBenz Cars in the Czech Republic and #MercedesBenz Switzerland AG. Most recently, he was responsible for Controlling in the worldwide sales organisation of #MercedesBenz Cars. Furthermore, he is a member of the Supervisory Board in various subsidiaries of Daimler AG in Germany and abroad.


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