april 18, 2019 - Castro Lighting

Castro Lighting | Euroluce 2019

BOLD REVOLUTION: A New Lighting Aesthetic by #castrolighting

Push the boundaries and feel a revolutionary spirit in Lighting #design. It’s time to be bold.

The Collections bring audacity, privilege, and strong statements. Selected materials, luxurious finishes along with Swarovski crystals create a pure blend of opulence, grandeur and sophistication.

The brand doesn’t age, it becomes classier with time. 40 years of accomplishments that manifest a refined sense of luxury and elegance every day. Passion, integrity, devotion in everything we do. Driven by a pioneer spirit since 1978, #castrolighting works with one purpose: to create a legacy in luxury lighting #design.

The New Designs reveal elated aesthetic, alluring intelligence and bespoke individuality, creating an exclusive signature to any demanding interior. All this to cherish timeless brand values. #castrolighting stands for classic traditions, boldly adding new daring #design ideas. It absolutely naturally balances between traditional and futuristic vision in lighting #design.

Complement your space with the new designs add a pinch of Portuguese perfection. Solid #design, gracious detailing, soulful craftmanship in every piece. Let your ideas sparkle, boosting vibrant vibes of change. New approach, same quality.

Further information in the press release to download