april 15, 2019 - PalermoUno

Palermouno renewed: the chameleonic layout of the concept studio focuses on chromatic research and international design

PalermoUno, the studio of Sophie Wannenes inaugurated last November, gets filled with shapes and new charming artworks for the Milan #design Week 2019.

The call for entries – launched in November and just ended – Your #design is Welcome conveys the spirit from which Sophie’s project was born: opening up her studio to #design research, to emerging talents, and to creativity of international background during the week dedicated to #design. For the new inauguration of the space, designers, artists, and companies have submitted a specific project for #palermouno under the artistic direction of Sophie Wannenes.

A collective and exhibition project made of limited editions and unique products whose common thread is the colour that redefines spaces, choreographies, completely changes the look of the environment, and gives a new image to the eight rooms of the studio.
The space located in Brera confirms the original concept: each room, in fact, keeps its functional connotation, revealing the desire to create a place in constant evolution. The product is part of the space and is an invitation to ‘please touch and bring me with you’. Close attention is paid to the selection of furnishings: the protagonists are the products made for #palermouno, both in the customization of the shapes and in the colour gradient.

The new installation can be seen from the very beginning: the entrance divider is the introduction to the new scenographic experience, a wall tapestry, created for the occasion by the first collaboration between Adriana Jaroslavsky and Kate Crowbert; placed at the entrance it acts as a real and metaphorical threshold, suggesting a feeling of lightness and suspension, introducing the console and the table lamp in brass and glass by Daythings.

Serena Confalonieri for TWS designs the table and the chairs that stand alongside the stone and glass vase sculptures, echoing the skyline of an imaginary city by Barbara Schweizer Edizioni.
Chameleonic and in continuous evolution, #palermouno will host contemporary furnishing accessories with bright and soft nuances, also used in the wall paintings.

Pop colours and different materials characterize the dining room, where the tower, composed of metal cubes by the Belgian brand Alliages, stands alongside the minimalism of the Ch’up Chair by Claudia Suarez Ahedo and the materiality of the table by Kunaal Kyhaan Seolekar’s Studio Haus. Like in the original set-up of this environment, the lamps have the signature of the Czech lighting brand Bomma, supported by the bright sets by Pietro Russo #design. The Gentner #design console and stools, the Daythings table lamps, the Roberto Gerosa sofa, and the Mario Milana seat, together with the Pop-Up! Magic Circus lighting, describe the living room with minimalism; the Decorum

dresser, the small marble architectures by Margherita Fanti, and the Créations Métaphores fabrics have been selected for the bedroom.
A play of harmony and balance in which elements apparently in contrast with each other find a unique relationship; the minimalism and tension of the Gentner #design metal chair finds her perfect fulfilment in Bomma’s blown glass constellation.

From 9 April the new exhibition, which will remain on display until 15 July 2019, will be accompanied by the launch
of the e-commerce #palermouno.it where it will be possible to buy the objects and furnishing accessories present in both the space arrangements.

Further information in the press release to download