april 15, 2019 - Linea Light Group

The venice biennale inspires linea light group at euroluce 2019

Many boxes along the perimeter and a large central agora to enclose the heart of the lighting technology innovation presented by the company from Treviso.

Innovation, creativity and attention to detail distinguish the Linea Light Group exhibition space at Euroluce 2019 (Hall 13, stand F08-E09), inspired by the Venice Biennale.

An elegant stand (the Diphy waterfall, the "crystal flower" awarded the Honourable Mention at the ADI Compasso d'Oro 2018 that welcomes visitors at the entrance is a clear example of this), and at the same time functional, expertly organized on two levels, with a large "agora", the central square (which refers to the Italian Pavilion of the Biennale) around which follow the different boxes divided into architectural, museum, decorative and office, where the company from Treviso presents dedicated solutions strongly innovative.

The exhibition of the new products has been designed so that the visitor can not only see the product but also "live" it thanks to special solutions that allow a 360° customer experience.

Ink System, the system consists of linear profiles that dialogue with different accessories, is visible in the installations to textured or wall / ceiling, but is also "liveable" through a technical video accompanying. Demí, the new transparent domed suspension with OptiLight TechnologyTM, recently awarded with the prestigious Red Dot Award 2019, is accompanied by an emotional video that recalls scenic elements physically present in the stand: the hairdresser's chair seems empty, in fact in the video projection the hairdresser is working and, at the same time, Demí accompanies its evolutions with dimmed lighting effects. In the same way, the new Dresscode table lamp dresses and undresses, changing clothes for real (thanks to interchangeable conductive plates in various finishes) and on screen, through the personification of a model.Giotto then makes his appearance: the product, a luminous point of just 9 millimetres capable of generating a perfectly round beam of light with a diameter of two meters; and the famous painter, who will excite visitors by citing literary, scientific and - of course - lighting engineering aspects.

From Giotto, we move (rightly) to the museum area, one of the most interesting sectors and in which #linealightgroup invests every year in research and development. In this section two works by street artist Ron Miller are on show, illuminated by floodlights with different optical solutions, to shape the light and emphasize the spatiality of the works or enhance them by illuminating the wall with a wall-washing effect, highlighting the different lighting performance.

Among the new products in the "Decorative Light" section, the new hanging version of the Reflexio stands out, which is placed side by side with the ceiling light, already winner of the IF #design Award 2018, and the new Aruba in transparent glass with silk-screened edge, on the wall or suspended.

To close the circle around the agora, the office section with two of the most recent news of #linealightgroup, presented at #euroluce2019: the Rollip family, in the Rollip60 hanging version and in the interesting RollipPRO solution just 12 mm thick, less than a plasterboard sheet, on which the product can be installed without fear of architectural obstacles, uprights, etc.; and Derby, soundproofing suspension that integrates quality lighting designed for both accommodation and workplaces, awarded with the Red Dot Award 2019 as an example of combination of functionality, cutting-edge technical solutions and aesthetics and visually pleasing.

Finally, the large central square. The composition at different heights of Tour suspensions with sound absorbing panels in primary colours immediately catches the eye, unmistakably evoking the works of Mondrian, master of equivalent relationships, colour and spatiality, a further strong reference to the Light On Time philosophy of #linealightgroup. Alongside the Tours, impressive installations with lush medium-shaft Phycus and new lighting #design and professional techniques: Honey by Pio and Tito Toso, which captures the attention thanks to its particular modular hive configuration, and Orma with Honeycomb filter, an uplight specifically designed to emphasize trees and shrubs in outdoor environments, with honeycomb filter that shields the source and reduces glare. All around, several light installations: Envelope step markers, fresh winner of the IF #design Award 2019, and Optiwall, with OptiLightTM technology; Bob18 and Opti-Pole bollards, Apache and Pistillo stakes. Discreet but extremely innovative, the Rubber strip decorates the central staircase showing its main feature: great flexibility and the ability to be folded and twisted in any way, in all directions, while maintaining the integrity of the material and the quality of light intact.

These and many other devices, technologically advanced and aesthetically sophisticated, contribute to transforming the "exploratory walk" at the #linealightgroup stand into an unexpected excursus with a sometimes retro, sometimes futuristic flavour: a reference to a Venetian Biennale "away" in Milan, an experience to remember.