march 26, 2019 - Colunex

Salone del Mobile 2019 - Colunex

MATTRESSES and BEDS for HOME&HOTEL that contribute for your wellness and a healthy lifestyle. Enjoy comfortable and restful moments where emotional experiences meet physical benefts for your ideal posture. Discover a complete bedroom #collection and bespoke beds that refect the most creative union between traditional savoir-faire and innovative high-tech. TAILORED COMFORT for a NATUR AL SLEEP

Desire collection
Inspired on the secrets of Sleep and on the latest fashion trends, #desire unveils all the charm embedded on an audacious bed. Created for #design and #luxury sleep lovers, this model expresses Colunex’ special talent to choose materials, introduce new details and showcase unique models. Zipers, belts and padded details embellish the bed and the essential complements as lamps and bedside table.

Drape collection
Tailored to be unique, as each headboard has a diferent handcrafted #drape. Like a haute-couture dress, this model is the proof that less can be more, when the finest materials, the right colors and profcient #design are perfectly blended. An upholstered metallic bar enriches the headboard and features nuances of the #drape.

Cosmopolitan collection
Cosmopolitan #collection was inspired by the timeless #luxury trends of the world, with a great care and attention for details such as the textured quilted wings with dark brown pipping to make you feel cozy. #COSMOPOLITAN #collection gives rise to a set of products that are perfect for #luxury apartments and #hotel suites, blending #design and comfort to perfection.

Icon collection
The #icon #collection just like the name suggests, gathers products that are distinct and eye-catching. Mixing a relaxed fit with refned elements, this #collection is stylish and bold, perfect for those who like to follow the iconic #luxury trends. Combining geometrical shapes with high quality loose leather, the #icon #collection is focused on creating a casual #luxury lifestyle.

Chevron collection
Chevron is a deluxe model which represents the latest #colunex approach for high standard prestigious beds. By the mastery of craftsmen, #chevron combines remarkable #design with premium materials. A model with an eyecatching look which will bring a high-fashion feel into glamorous bedrooms. Smooth textures and Quality fabrics are embellished by metalic buttons, blending #luxury and comfort. This exclusive model is totally customizable and ofers several options, from quality fabrics to fnest details.

Benjamin collection
Colunex bets high on exceptional beds the #benjamin model, as the name denotes, is one the favourites. A proudly handmade product that balances robustness and comfort. Tis philosophy gave rise to the #design process which blends harmonious style with the magnifcent work of masters craftsmen in fne upholstering. Te elegant headboard presents a smooth organic shape enriched with timeless details as the textured piping and buttons deeply applied enhancing the volume and sculpted look of this model.

Carat collection
Carat #collection can be defned as group of products that are bold and outstanding while keeping a geometrical #design. Settled in simples lines and shapes, this #collection is perfect for people that look for with a contemporary room.

Pebbles headboard
This model is distinct by the use of delicate buttons inspired in #pebbles. The comfortable headboard is made by two elements to achieve a balanced and harmonious style. A decorative stitching detail is present in all perimeter.

Sella headboard
Sella is a attractive model that refect brilliant relations between refned materials and handmade upholstered techniques. The river #sella and its historic bridge inspired the combination of the main fabric with the stripes joined by attractive metallic bars. 

Boulevard headboard
Boulevard is a contemporary model with a sumptuous appearance. The high contrast between the different fabrics represents the mix between the city and the nature as we can contemplate in a #boulevard. A perfectly comfortable and also practical headboard distinguished by seductive details such as the use of upholstered buttons.

Leaf headboard
As a #leaf, this headboard model combine an elegant structure with precious details capable to create a sublime ambiance for a pleasant sleep. The beautiful double piping present in all headboard extension represent the #leaf principal vein. The piping is also used in the corners around the organic shape.

Plateau headboard
Plateau is a headboard model with a minimalist appearance. Clean lines create a regular shape enrich by the stitching techniques applied in all perimeter. The pursuit of great comfort had a huge infuence in the #design process. The headboard have a soft feeling becoming ideal for night readers.

Dune headboard
As a strong structure can be construct by air with little particles of sand, a robust headboard need to be create with a great attention to all details. This philosophy was behind the #design process of the model #dune and can be see in the bold shape, organic lines and the use of diferent high quality fabrics.

Whether it is for a bedroom in your home, a #hotel or an interior decorating project, with Colunex® you can customize any space. With Colunex’ help, you can enjoy exclusive solutions that are tailor-made to suit your needs. Te company is highly experienced either in undertaking large-scale projects or small ones. Even working under extremely demanding standards, #colunex is capable of responding to complex projects within tight production schedules and delivery deadlines.
Colunex always guarantees the best price. A unique internal process control encompasses every production stage, allowing optimized decisions and the best use of materials and services possible.

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