march 25, 2019 - Oikoi

Milan Design Week 2019: introducing Oikoi, a lighting brand which rethinks the way of designing light through glass.

For Milan #design Week 2019, #oikoi will be making its debut in an area in Via Solferino, 11, presenting its first collection, consisting of four lights with different shapes and glass texture.

Oikoi is a new lighting brand created in Milan in 2018 as the Italian spin-off of a leading Chinese company in the lighting industry for ten years.
The project stems from the desire to develop a collection which combines the creativity of a team of Italian designers, #erikabaffico and #sebastianotonelli, with the technical and production expertise offered by China in its immense potential for innovation.

The designers rethink the approach to the concept of light, using glass as a point of departure to create lighting solutions in which aesthetic appeal and functionality co-exist.

The desire to explore the possibilities of industrial glass processes led the #oikoi team to adopt the printing technology which enhances the material, creating a product with meticulously defined details and finishes. The use of a parametric algorithm in the #design phase produces textures on the glass through which the light is either evenly diffused or encircled creating magical atmospheres.

At the Milan #design Week 2019, in a house in the heart of Brera, an experience-oriented pathway focuses on the transparency of the material through a process of discovery which unfolds room by room. Visitors will thus be able to interact with the material on a visual and tactile level, exploring the characteristics of printed glass and the potential of industrial-scale production.

The #odo pendant light will be showcased for the first time, consisting of two concentric elements in coloured aluminium and satin-finish glass which emanate two different light intensities, creating a mesmerising setting that can be customised at will.

Distinctive lines and saturated colours are the stand-out features of the entire collection: Ida, a versatile product that can be oriented both horizontally and vertically thanks to the special nylon band; Ulla, a floor lamp which projects a softly-lit atmosphere into the room thanks to the central satin-finish glass plate; Lucio,consisting of a suspended metal dome and concave lens with an inner geometric texture which accentuates the light.

Odo, pendant light
#design: #erikabaffico, #sebastianotonelli Production: #oikoi, 2019

Odo is a pendant light which recalls the archetypal shape of the circle, the symbol of harmony and movement. It consists of two concentric elements, in aluminium and glass, placed side by side and suspended by a cord knotted around them, which allows the light to be oriented by turning the light source.

Odois designed to emanate two intensities of light for two different uses.
One is direct and strong, produced by the printed texture on satin-finish glass and obtained by using a parametric algorithm developed during the #design phase. The circular pattern featured on the surface, therefore, changes in size to diffuse the light more effectively. The pattern is denser on the section of glass which covers the light source and more spaced out towards the sides.
The indirect, soft lighting is achieved by the satin-finish glass circle which extends beyond the outer edge of the aluminium circle. The glass finish allows the light to be projected outwards, creating a striking halo of light around the light shade.

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