march 25, 2019 - Vetrerie Di Empoli

Vetrerie di Empoli presents a new version of the "gira e rigira" wine glass, embellished by a Swarovski crystal, at Salone del Mobile hall 3, g 26 (The Milan Furniture Fair)

At the upcoming MILAN FURNITURE FAIR, #francoparentini, the inventor of "GIRA E RIGIRA", the tasting glass that revolutionizes how we analyze and evaluate wine, will present a further innovation: the stem that supports the corolla and makes the cup swivel and rotate, letting the wine swirl and “decant”, releasing its aromas, will now gleam with the brilliance of a #swarovski crystal.

"Gira e Rigira" has enjoyed great international success, and was selected by ADI as one of the innovative designs for the 2020 “Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass)” competition.

That particular twist of the wrist when the wine is poured into the glass, delicately swirling the liquid so that it can be analyzed, is updated by this mechanism, patented by the proprietor of #vetreriediempoli, who invented this unique glass. A small pin placed where the apex of the stem meets the base of the cup makes it possible, with a flick of the thumb on the globe, to rotate the cup gently, swirling the wine softly. For the occasion, #vetreriediempoli presents a brand-new version, embellished by a #swarovski crystal, conceived and realized specifically for this project: a splendid crystal cut in a spiral shape, 5.5 cm long, with a diameter of 2.5 cm.

"I wanted to make the glass even more attractive, and I thought that adding a precious detail would do it,” says #francoparentini. “It gleams with the light reflected by this crystal. And what could be better than a #swarovski crystal to make this invention even more precious, casting a captivating, almost hypnotic spell with its sparkle? I thank #swarovski for having agreed to this stylistic adventure, I am certain that many will find it to their taste."

At the Milan Furniture Fair, #vetreriediempoli will also present 2 new collections: #aqua is a collection of "accessories", vases, centerpieces with etched and hand-painted decorations that give the effect of ice water or frost. Produced in 15 colors and finished with platinum borders. #onda is a "short" series, consisting of 3 objects with a “wave” motif, etched and painted by hand in platinum, with refined detailing.

VETRERIE DI #empoli was founded in #empoli, a town in Tuscany, in 1938. Initially it specialized in the area’s characteristic green glass, but over the years it began to produce increasingly sophisticated items. The Parentini family, proprietors of the Vetrerie, manage the showroom in via Montenapoleone 22, in Milan, an international point of reference for those who value elegant table settings. Today, #vetreriediempoli has an enviable reputation in the luxury sector, thanks to the uniqueness of its highly artisanal collections, whether of classic or contemporary #design.