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Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2019: a journey into the cosmetic universe, between past traditions and future avant-garde

March 2019 - Cutting-edge technologies, the most innovative products, the most sustainable proposals for the environment deriving from the most advanced research are mixed together with ingredients and treatments dating back to ancient popular traditions. #cosmoprofworldwidebologna 2019, the world-leading B2B #event for the cosmetic industry, presents time travel in #beauty universe.

"Cosmoprof Worldwide #bologna, one of the most important events of #bolognafiere group, is registering even for 2019 growing results - says #gianpierocalzolari, President of #bolognafiere - With 3,033 exhibitors coming from over 70 countries - and a general growth of the #event of up to 8.2% - and more than 265.000 professionals from 152 countries expected in #bologna, the #event confirms its role as the key appointment for the entire cosmetic industry. After the show in #bologna, which brings the culture and excellence of our city in the world, the #cosmoprof network organizes important events in the main international markets. Thanks to the consolidated presence in all the five continents (with its shows in Europe, Asia, North and South America, India) with the acquisition of the German group Health and #beauty, which was confirmed in October 2018, #cosmoprof turned its attention to further development in Europe. This will be the scenario for the growth of our platform in the next future".

"Italian cosmetics industry is an excellence both for the manufacturing quality of its products and for its technological innovation. Thanks to the historical partnership with #bolognafiere #cosmoprof, on the 2019 edition of the reference #event for our sector, we will enhance the sector, consisting of companies oriented towards continuous improvement - commented #renatoancorotti, president of Cosmetica Italia – Personal Care Association - The solidity of our industry is represented by market analysis. In 2018, even in the face of a contraction in GDP, the global turnover of the sector maintained a positive trend (+ 2,1%) with over 11.2 billion euro; overseas, made in Italy cosmetics are more and more successful, with exports up by 3.6% with a value of 4,800 million euros. #cosmoprofworldwidebologna will confirm, once again, the competitiveness of the Italian cosmetics system, which should receive right recognition by institutions ".


Thanks to a more functional layout of the pavilions, #cosmoprofworldwidebologna 2019 records an important growth in some key sectors. In particular, the area reserved for Cosmopack, the exhibition dedicated to contract manufacturing and private label, process and packaging machinery, primary and secondary packaging, applicators, ingredients and raw materials, is growing. In addition to the pavilions 20, 15, 15A and 18, for 2019 Cosmopack will occupy part of the hall 19, with an overall growth of up to 9%.

Cosmoprime, the area dedicated to high-end cosmetics with a selective distribution, is located in Hall 14. In its special areas, represented brands are increasing; in particular, the Extraordinary Gallery is growing, with 71 companies (+ 4% compared to 2018).
The pavilions dedicated to the professional distribution channels are growing, too. #beauty Salon and Spa records a growth of up to 21% in the exhibition area, thanks to the location inside the new pavilions 28, 29 and 30, recently restyled in 2018. In addition to a greater usability and exploitation of the exhibition area, thanks to a modular architectural structure, the new pavilions present innovative technologies and solutions that allow greater use of natural light, reducing energy impact.

The growth of the Hair sector is the result of a more impactful presence of Italian companies, reflecting a recovery in the domestic market. The sector records a growth of up to 4.5% compared to 2018, with the acquisition, in addition to the pavilions 25, 31, 32 and 35, of pavilion 37.

Country pavilions are also registering a 3.5% increase compared to the previous edition. There will be 26 country and group pavilions, representing Austria, Belgium, California, Chile, China, France, Germany, Greece, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Korea, Latvia, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Spain, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and the United States.

Among the novelties for the 2019 edition, the area dedicated to Il Tarì, the production and exhibition center with over 400 companies of jewelry, specialized in gold, corals, cameos, watches and #fashion accessories, located in Marcianise, near Caserta, in the South of Italy. At #cosmoprofworldwidebologna, a lounge located in the mezzanine between pavilions 21 and 22 hosts the most representative companies with jewelry collections sold in perfumery and retail stores, representing the excellence of Italian goldsmith production.

THE SERVICE CENTER: THE HEART OF #cosmoprofworldwidebologna

The service center is the beating heart of the #event, the stage of #cosmoprofworldwidebologna initiatives involving the entire cosmetic industry.
The area becomes a real time machine for a journey into the secrets of the #beauty universe. From the discoveries of the past that laid the foundations for the birth of modern industry, to the cutting-edge technologies for the most innovative formulations, materials, production processes and devices, which nowadays enrich the purchasing experience in the most advanced retail.

The trait d'union between the past and the future is the attention to environmental sustainability and circular economy. #cosmoprof has always given visibility to #green cosmetics, and for the 2019 edition it is taking a step further, in a social and geo-political scenario that requires a greater attention to the balance of our ecosystem.


From 14 to 18 March, the Service Center hosts an exclusive exhibition dedicated to the innovations brought by the genius of Leonardo da Vinci in the cosmetic field. The installation was born from the collaboration between #cosmoprof, Cosmetica Italia – Personal Care Association, and Accademia del Profumo, on the occasion of the 500th anniversary of the artist's death. The area collects a selection of reproductions of Loenardo’s codes, with his research on the most advanced extraction techniques- still used today in the fragrance sector- as well as on the most suitable plants and flowers for hair coloring, and on the most original hairstyles which he recommended to the Renaissance women who are the subjects of his paintings.

A multi-sector installation, reproducing all the production processes of a scalp-oil: this is NO.CO. - NO COMPROMISE.
The area, presented in Hall 19 for the seventh edition of The Cosmopack Factory, shows the technological cycle that leads to sustainable industrial production.
The protagonist of the initiative is a personal care product, NO.CO., which, thanks to a natural formulation resulting from the most advanced research, can be classified as "water-safe": to eliminate it, a third of the normal amount of water used during the rinsing of a common shampoo is sufficient. Furthermore, the primary packaging is completely made of recycled PET, derived directly from the plastic containers collected during #cosmoprof inside the fairground. The design agency centdegrès, who made the packaging layout, and some exhibiting companies of Cosmopack contributed to the realization of the project: Cosmoproject for the formula, Omas Tecnosistemi for machinery, Verve for packaging and Aliplast for the regenerated PET polymer used for bottles.

#cosmoprof and Cosmopack Awards reward the most innovative projects presented by the exhibitors at #cosmoprofworldwidebologna 2019. The initiative is getting more and more recognition from operators and opinion leaders in the sector, because it is the first contest that involves all the sectors of the cosmetic industry.
Thanks to the installation The Store at the service center, the 2019 project becomes more dynamic and more engaging. The area, designed in collaboration with the design agency centdegrès, offers an interactive customer experience, thanks to the innovation presented by important international companies in the beauty-tech sector, which allows visitors to test products and discover exclusive contents and information.


For the third consecutive edition, CosmoTalks offers to professionals, marketing and communication managers, R & D and brand managers of #beauty multinationals an exclusive look at the evolution of the cosmetic industry of the future.

Over 30 sessions are scheduled on Thursday 14, Friday 15 and Saturday 16 March, with the participation of 150 international speakers. 2 stages are dedicated to the initiative, both located within the Service Center.
Among the topics covered, market research, new products, market trends and digital tools that opinion leaders, trend agencies and leading international companies have identified as the basis for the evolution of the sector. Sustainability and its impact on the industry are the common issue for all the panels.


Thanks to the prestige acquired in over 50 years of history, #cosmoprof is the trendsetter #event for the #beauty sector. It is at #cosmoprof Wordlwide #bologna that leading companies in the sector present their new products and the latest innovations, which will influence market trends. Thanks to the contribution of the internationally trend agency Beautystreams, CosmoTrends offers an exclusive preview of the not-to-be missed products of the 2019 show, which will shortly become the future must-haves for the industry. The first selection, with 40 proposals selected among all exhibitors, are presented at the entrance of Hall 14 - Cosmoprime.

A complete report with the trendiest products of the entire show will be shared at the end of the 2019 edition.

The charity initiative of #cosmoprof is back, and for the 2019 edition it supports La forza e il sorriso, the social responsibility project sponsored by Cosmetica Italia – Personal care Association. The project helps women who face cancer to improve the consideration of their physical aspect thanks to #beauty workshops. For a free donation, visitors receive an assortment of products on display at the installation in the Service Center.


Inside the #cosmoprof Social Area, the public can interact with the fair and share their experience at #cosmoprof on the social pages of the #event. The installation recalls the mood of the 2019 edition: sustainability and its influence on our everyday actions.

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