march 14, 2019 - Ronda Design

Brassie - Luminous geometries

Suspended games of light

Elemental and light-weight silhouettes, a clean-cut and striking #design for #brassie, a system of suspension lamps consisting of painted metal parallelepipeds with LED panel lighting.

Held in place by steel cables and available in various shapes and sizes, the lamps can be suspended individually or grouped together in threes, fours or fives to create a scenic effect, a surprising game of lines and volumes oozing unequivocal contemporary style.

Patterns of light and metal

With #brassie, light comes together with metal, the brand’s distinctive feature material, available in six elegant finishes (black, white, graphite, titanium, embossed copper and embossed brass) for a bright merger of elements with an exclusive personality capable of completing and embellishing the total look of a design- packed, ultra-trendy living room.

With #brassie, #rondadesign continues its research activities, continuously expanding the service and products it offers, focusing on innovative #design, quality materials and the pursuit of the utmost freedom of expression of users.