february 25, 2019 - Olympia Cicli

WHITE Milano launches GIVE A FOK-us, a hub dedicated to sustainable innovation, under the artistic direction of Matteo Ward, cofounder and CEO of WRÅD and the creativity of DrawLight. The initiative will be staged in the Lounge of Tortona 27, from the 22n

An Olympia e-mtb is not just a mountain bike with a motor - it is born with its own DNA. Every detail has been conceived, designed and perfected to ensure the best balance between muscular power and electric power.

For users who have the highest expectations in terms of pedal assist designs, Olympia has created Hammer, an enduro e-mtb that combines sophisticated structural solutions with a highly advanced, long range power unit. Hammer is compact, gritty and designed for adrenaline-filled, fun rides, and for cyclists who are not satisfied with plain touring and want to explore the new potential of assisted pedaling.

The carbon fibre frame makes this bike lightweight and extremely easy to handle. Its geometry, studied specifically for electric-powered drive, helps achieve a comfortable seated position. The rider's position has been moved forward for improved rear wheel grip uphill and to make the most of the motor drive.

The seat tube has been verticalised to an angle of 75.5°, while the top tube has been shortened (575 mm). The steering has been lowered, with an angle of 64.5°, to further improve stability. A more upright position and wider steering angle allow for improved riding comfort and better management of downhill trajectories.

The 450 mm rear stay is especially sturdy. The seat post is telescopic, with the remote control integrated in the handlebars. The integrated cable harness outputs are accurately positioned to obtain the smoothest cable sliding.

A Horst suspension (both the spring and the air models are available) is applied to the down tube. Its travel is 180 mm. Thanks to its specific characteristics and to the linkage system design, the virtual pivot produces a progressive compression curve, with a powerful antisquat action. The average compression ratio is 284 mm.

For its new addition to the e-bikes family, Olympia has chosen Steps 8,000, the flagship 250M Shimano motor also controllable via an app. The integrated and easily removable battery with capacity expanded to 630 Wh guarantees a by far above- average range. It can also be charged without being removed from its housing. The front fork is compatible with both 27.5" and 29" wheels.

Hammer is produced in sizes S-M-L and in the colour patterns black/gray/blue and black/red.