february 22, 2019 - Mazda

New Mazda3 - A new era of Mazda

Originally launched in 2003, the All-New #mazda3 is the first of Mazda’s new generation of vehicles to roll off the production line. As a core model in the line-up, the #mazda3 has always reflected the latest advances in the company’s vehicle engineering as well as manufacturing and supported the operations of production facilities all over the world. Since its introduction, more than six million units of the #mazda3 have been sold worldwide, over one million of the cars going into the European market.

Mazda strives to establish a lasting bond with customers that is based on a deep emotional connection. A car should not only be a means of getting from A to B. It ought to create a sense of oneness between car and driver that makes every interaction seem natural and intuitive. This human-centric approach found its full expression in the All-New #mazda3. According to Program Manager Kota Beppu, the mission for this car was to create ‘an object of universal desire’.

The All-New #mazda3 is artfully designed to evoke a feeling of joy and exhilaration in the driver, no matter what the circumstances are. The evolved Kodo design language adopted for the All-New #mazda3 gets rid of all superfluous elements in order to express the essence of Japanese aesthetics. The resulting sense of serenity, comfort and luxury encompasses both the car’s interior and its exterior design.

The All-New #mazda3 is also the first commercial model to feature some of the technologies that will realise Mazda’s ‘Sustainable Zoom- Zoom 2030’ long-term vision. This approach looks at well-to-wheel carbon emissions to realise true environmental sustainability, while delivering outstanding driving performance. The introduction of Mazda’s revolutionary Skyactiv-X petrol engine marks an important step in this direction. In the All-New #mazda3, the engine will make its first appearance in a production car.

Mazda’s next-generation human-centric vehicle structure technologies called Skyactiv-Vehicle Architecture are modelled on extensive human research studies to make driving feel more natural and less stressful for everyone. Driving a car goes hand in hand with the need to make split-second judgements and take action in response to what is happening around the vehicle. In addition, sophisticated safety technologies and ergonomic design choices adopted for the All-New #mazda3 make sure that all occupants enjoy a level of safety and comfort that has never been achieved before. With the All-New #mazda3, everyone can experience an effortless and joyful driving experience that is unique to the #mazda brand.