february 21, 2019 - Lexus

Lexus focuses on greater performance and style for the RC F Coupe with exclusive Track Edition

  • New #rcftrackedition #coupé with exclusive performance styling upgrades, developed with input from international #Lexus GT #racing teams
  • Refreshed #Lexusrcf range with improved aerodynamics and handling and updated design
  • European debut at the 2019 Geneva Motor Show on 5 March

Lexus has reinforced the essential performance-focused qualities of its #rcfcoupé with the development of a new, limited-production Track Edition version and performance and styling upgrades for the RC F range as a whole.

The #rcftrackedition blends #Lexus luxury and craftsmanship with the sports car performance. Its introduction is part of the evolution of the ‘F’ performance model range as a pillar of Lexus’ overall brand strategy.

The RC F itself has been extensively updated, with improved aerodynamics, reduced weight, retuned suspension and styling changes, taking the #coupé to a new level of performance and refinement.

“The new RC F benefits from the constant development that has taken place since the coupé’s original launch. With the latest improvements, it helps further distinguish the F brand by offering fast, durable, highly capable performance cars that feature a range of technologies to help make their performance accessible to drivers of all skill levels,” said Koji Sato, Executive Vice President, #Lexus International.


The #rcftrackedition is not simply an accessories package, it features a precisely engineered set of upgrades that work together seamlessly to take performance to a new level. Developed with input from #Lexus race teams competing in the Super GT, Blancpain GT and IMSA series, the Track Edition is designed to deliver exceptional performance that enthusiasts can easily exploit in a wide variety of conditions.

Achieving the desired level of predictable performance was made possible by rigorous engineering and the assembly precision skills of the #Lexus Takumi craftsmen who oversee production of every RC F. All aspects of the car were scrutinised for improvement, but refinement was not sacrificed for all-out speed; the Track Edition is an uncompromised luxury performance #coupé with the ability to impress on the track and off.


The RC F Track Edition’s aerodynamic signature is a key area of improvement. The front air dam is not only made from a carbon fibre composite material to reduce weight, it is also designed to increase front-end downforce for better grip and more precise steering. At the rear, a fixed carbon fibre wing replaces the active spoiler offered on the standard RC F. This wing is not only lighter, it also simultaneously reduces drag and adds downforce.

To accomplish that seemingly paradoxical feat, the engineers began by shaping the wing in a way that smooths the airflow over the rear of the car, to reduce drag-inducing turbulence. They then added a very slight angle of attack to produce downforce without compromising the overall airflow. The result is up to 26 kg of additional downforce, compared to the active rear spoiler.

As with the standard model, weight reduction was key. Preliminary estimates put the total saving at between 70 and 80 kg compared to the previous RC F, but more importantly the engineers focused on cutting weight in ways that could yield the most significant dynamic improvements. This led to a focus on unsprung weight, since removing any weight from the mass not supported by the suspension pays huge dividends in handling and steering feel.

With that goal in mind, every Track Edition model has Brembo carbon ceramic brake discs. These are not only significantly lighter than their steel counterparts, they are also better able to withstand the extreme heat cycling associated with performance driving. They are surrounded by a set of lightweight 19-inch BBS forged alloy wheels with a design derived from the RC F GT3 race car. Between the wheels, brake discs and callipers, the Track Edition posts a 25 kg unsprung weight reduction on the front of the car alone.

Additional weight was removed by specifying carbon fibre reinforced plastic (CFRP) for the roof and bonnet and a change to using carbon fibre for the partition behind the rear seats and bumper reinforcement. Many of these carbon fibre elements are made on the same production line that supplied the #Lexus LFA during its two-year production run. Further weight is saved through using a titanium exhaust silencer and tailpipes. Using titanium – rarely seen on production cars – not only reduces weight, it also gives the Track Edition a polished look and a unique sound. That sound is worth broadcasting, too, as the Track edition is powered by the same normally aspirated 5.0-litre V8 engine found in every other RC F.

To create a more exclusive look in the cabin, the Track Edition is fitted as standard with a red leather interior, with Alcantara seat upholstery accents and red carbon trim on the doors and dashboard. The new model will be available in a choice of two exterior colours: Ultra White and Nebula Matt Grey, the latter exclusive to the Track Edition.