february 11, 2019 - Kennet Cobonpue

De Kas: a greenhouse for lunch, with KENNETHCOBONPUE

A short news to invite you to take a break – even if it’s a virtual break – whose protagonist is the #design signed by #kennethcobonpue. We are in Amsterdam and an imposing brick chimney dominates the 1920s structure of the former Municipal Nursery greenhouse, wisely recovered and transformed into the #dekas restaurant. Here everything is dedicated to the precious relationship between man and nature: the large windows guarantee to the guests a bath of sky and sun. Meanwhile the outside nature follows its natural cycle as vegetable, spices and edible flowers do, which, grown in secondary greenhouses and outdoor gardens, are then used at “zero kilometer” in the various preparations of the menu.

As in every successful project, the furniture reinforces the #green mood: the guests can sit on LINEA armchairs, from the #kennethcobonpue collection, whose welcoming shape is designed by an interweaving of natural fibers on a light metal structure. The plot, with its irregularities, makes you think to the hand of an expert craftsman working in one of the traditional arts of Southeast Asia.

The virtuosity of the processing of the rattan that #kennethcobonpue, with entrepreneurial foresight, has been able to project in a contemporary dimension and research, responds to a desire of naturalness so felt and spreading to become a cool trend.

So, not only the exclusive and histrionic products that appeal to the Hollywood celebs, but also #design objects to be enjoyed on a daily break, decree the success and cultural value of the KENNETHCOBONPUE brand.