february 08, 2019 - Goodyear

New Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Cargo tire means reduced cost of ownership

No seasonal tire changes and more mileage for light truck drivers Brussels, February 2019 – Goodyear has launched a new addition to its light truck portfolio. The #vector4seasonscargo is a fuel-efficient, all-season tire, offering excellent performance and extended mileage compared to the previous model. Drivers will feel safer on both dry and wet roads, thanks to shorter stopping distances and the improved stability and handling of the new #vector4seasonscargo. Light trucks equipped with these new tires can also benefit from reduced costs, as drivers and fleet managers no longer have the inconvenience or cost of switching tires between seasons. New #vector4seasonscargo tires deliver more kilometers than its predecessors, and the reduced rolling resistance saves on fuel expenses - features that combine to reduce the cost of ownership.  The #vector4seasonscargo is Goodyear’s contribution to the booming light truck vehicle markets in Europe and Russia, which is overtaking the passenger vehicle segment in growth. In 2013, the light truck vehicle segment contributed to 10.5% of the total car parc. Today, this has risen to 10.8% and by 2023, it is expected that no less than 10.9% of the total car parc will be light truck vehicles. [1] This new tire expands Goodyear’s light truck vehicle product portfolio, which already includes the EfficientGrip Cargo summer tire, Cargo UltraGrip 2 winter tire and the new UltraGrip Cargo. The #vector4seasonscargo is the successor of the all-season Cargo Vector 2 and it records even shorter braking distances on both dry and wet roads, along with improved steering on snowy and icy surfaces.  The new #vector4seasonscargo is available in 16 sizes varying from 185 to 235 wide, profiles ranging from 80 to 65 and a rim diameter of 14”, 15” or 16”.