february 07, 2019 - Acura

Acura Marks 30 Years Since Debut of Iconic NSX Supercar

  • Acura revisits an iconic moment in its history: the unveiling of the original NS-X Concept
  • Csaba Csere, former Editor-in-Chief of Car and Driver, joins #acura at 2019 Chicago Auto Show to reflect on the history and heritage of NSX
  • Throwback video commemorates iconic, game-changing first and second-gen NSX

Acura this week marks 30 years since the shot heard 'round the #automotive world -- the 1989 global debut of the first-generation #acura #nsx.  The first mid-engined exotic without European pedigree, #nsx was a low slung, super light, high-revving machine sporting the world's first all-aluminum monocoque, titanium connecting rods, a VTEC™ valvetrain and levels of quality and daily driving comfort unheard of in sports cars of the time.

Introduced as the NS-X Concept, the precursor to the production #nsx, #acura chose the Chicago Auto Show for the global debut, at a press conference held at the Drake Hotel on February 9, 1989. In celebrating this milestone #Event, #acura returns to the Chicago Auto Show, hosting a panel discussion to reflect on the car's origins, its impact on the #automotive landscape, and the role the next-generation #nsx is playing in the renaissance of #acura today.