january 31, 2019 - Seat

SEAT treated more than 325 workers daily at its CARS advanced health services centre in 2018

  • The CARS Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centre performed more than 70,000 procedures last year in preventive, healthcare and rehabilitation medicine
  • The orthopaedic and physiotherapy services were the most widely requested, while cardiology and gynaecology detected early 50 new cases of pathology
  • Nearly one third of the workforce benefitted from the services provided by this pioneering centre
  • SEAT is strongly committed to the health of its workers and accident reduction

In 2018, SEAT’s CARS Healthcare and Rehabilitation Centre performed more than 70,000 medical procedures, which is equivalent to 325 scheduled daily visits by workers, including consultations, diagnostic tests, preventive and recovery sessions and biomechanical tests. A total of 4,671 people, which is practically one third of the #Seat workforce, sought treatment in this second year of operation of the centre, which features one of a kind facilities in Spain that #Seat invested 3.3 million euros to put into operation.

CARS makes medical services including orthopaedics, cardiology, gynaecology, mental health, image diagnostics, physiotherapy, fitness and rehabilitation available to SEAT’s more than 15,000 employees. The centre also features a biomechanics lab, the largest and most advanced in-company facility of its kind in Spain, which is used both to define new workstations based on ergonomics, and to help make injury recovery more precise to facilitate return to work. After nearly two years in operation, CARS has become a benchmark in corporate medical services.

According to #Seat Vice-president for Human Resources Xavier Ros, “CARS gives all the workers the opportunity to benefit from high quality in-house medical attention without waiting lists. Its wide popularity among the workforce shows us that our workers appreciate SEAT’s firm commitment to health”. Furthermore, Dr. Patricia Such, who is responsible for Occupational Health and #safety at #Seat, pointed out that “CARS figures show that after nearly two years of activity, this groundbreaking centre has become a true benchmark of corporate medical services.”