january 07, 2019 - Honda Racing

Monster Energy Honda Team at the Dakar

Desire is the force that drives the Monster Energy Honda Team to battle tirelessly for victory year after year in the Dakar #rally. The desire to once again raise the bronze Tuareg which Cyril Neveu, Edi Orioli and Gilles Lalay all held aloft in the Pink Lake back in the eighties remains.

Monster Energy Honda Team is the official #hondaracing Corporation factory team in Cross-Country Rallies competitions, whose season culminates with the Dakar #rally. This year, off-road racing’s main #Event celebrates its 41st edition.

In 2013 the HRC team retook the challenge, returning to the world’s toughest, most gruelling, yet most exciting adventure in cross-country rallying. Six years on, the Monster Energy Honda team have accumulated a wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as chalking up multiple stage victories and outright wins in various world championship rallies. The technical staff have succeeded in turning out a reliable and highly competitive motorcycle, the Honda CRF450 RALLY, which features numerous cutting-edge technical solutions that will allow the team riders to be in the fight for overall victory in the Dakar #rally.