october 30, 2018 - Guggenheim Bilbao

'Architecture Effects' at Guggenheim Bilbao

Architecture Effects
December 5, 2018–April 28, 2019

Curated by Manuel Cirauqui, Curator, #Guggenheimmuseumbilbao, and Troy Conrad Therrien, Curator of Architecture and Digital Initiatives, Solomon R. #Guggenheim Museum, New York.
This exhibition of architecture, art, and storytelling in the early 21st century evaluates the present state of the field two decades after the #Guggenheimmuseumbilbao and its pioneering use of digital technology in its #design and construction.
The documental backstory of the exhibition, the Airlock, includes benchmarks in digital technology, biology, space exploration, pop culture, the occult, medicine, finance, #design, or political economy in the form of video, audio, memorabilia, archival material, and historical artifacts.
In the main space, the Garden, the list of #contemporaryart and architecture works also includes moving images, sculptures, prototypes, animation, real-time video feeds, 1:1 models, or artificial intelligence.
The exhibition extends beyond its physical boundaries through a digital “Bubble,” an online collection of various forms of media that further contextualize and illustrate the works in the Garden and the Airlock that is hosted in a specific app available for free to Museum visitors.
The #Guggenheimmuseumbilbao presents Architecture Effects, an exhibition of architecture, art, and storytelling in the context of unique 21st century conditions beginning to appear. The point of departure of Architecture Effects is the reappraisal of a timeless question: What makes architecture more than just building?