october 09, 2018 - Suomy

Until the last corner

Dovi is letting us to get used to the heart-beating races.

And having to live the race when here in Europe is early morning, does not help to manage the emotions that he makes us feel.

Buriram, a new track for everyone, but that seems to immediately delight DesmoDovi who is able to secure himself the third place on the starting grid. 

During the early laps, Dovi maintains the starting position while studying other riders.

As soon as he feels safe, he does not hesitate and jumps to the first position. And from there he doesn’t want to move.

The result is an exciting duel.

Andrea responds to his rival, the rider who he is playing for the title of World Champion, shot on shot, without leaving the head of the race, except for a few meters.

They arrive at the last corner and, for the first time this season, the Spaniard has the best on our standard bearer who still ensures a spectacular second place.

On the podium with Dovi, once again, there is also a bit of #suomy thanks to #srgp. A difficult weekend for our Moto2 talents who have struggled to digest the geometric Thai track. #federicofuligni ends the race in twenty-fifth position, while Stefano Manzi is forced to retire after a crash during the first laps. 

Now a week off, before the next round of this long Asian tour.